Reunion Tower’s New Observation Deck Comes With a Side of Caesar Salad

You'll be able to do a lot more getting up inside this giant ball later this year.
You’ll be able to do a lot more getting up inside this giant ball later this year. Photo: Flickr user dustin.askins

Dallas’ best landmark, Reunion Tower, will have a snazzy new observation deck open early this fall, if everything goes according to plan.

RealPoints was all over the announcement of the big changes ahead:

Gensler, the firm that designed Hunt’s corporate headquarters between Akard and St. Paul streets in downtown Dallas, was selected to tackle the Reunion Tower redo. Judy Pesek, regional managing director, said the design is inspired by the tower and its geodesic dome. New ticketing and queueing areas are being developed on the lobby level. On the observation deck level, it’s all about the view.

Wire mesh that encases the ball will be removed, replaced with a cable system that will allow for unobstructed views. A interactive display will stretch 52 feet and provide information on things to see and do in Dallas. High-def zoom cameras and high-powered telescopes will line the perimeter; a map of Dallas will be woven into the carpet.

The floor between the observation deck and Five Sixty, which occupies the top floor, will become a cafe during the day and a lounge at night. It also will be available for private functions and as Five Sixty overflow space.

The cafe menu will include kid-friendly options, as well as specialties like enchiladas, a Texas take on the cuban sandwich, and the “Tower Caesar,” served in a tall glass, said Five Sixty executive Andrew Sidebotham.

My question? Does every restaurant in Dallas have to serve Caesar salad? Who’s eating these things?

(But seriously, I look forward to being obligated to accompany all visiting out-of-towner relatives to what sounds like it might be a fine observation deck with a view that rivals the one we get every day here at D HQ)


  • Wylie H Dallas

    It’s strange that none of the coverage (thus far) has seen fit to mention the new Dallas Citizens Council command center on the top floor (reached by an unmarked elevator). From what I’ve been told, Donna Halstead’s desk and chair sit on an elevated platform with an ability to rotate 360 degrees.

  • cperezDCEO

    I wouldn’t really call this one a Caesar, although the folks at Wolfgang Puck do. It’s a salad of Romaine hearts, sweet corn, tomatoes, cornbread croutons, and buttermilk dressing. Much easier to eat if you pour it out onto a plate.

  • Brett Moore

    Before Schutze jumps on you guys for not offering full disclosure, Gensler did the D Magazine World HQ as well, I believe…