Pete Sessions Likens Mitt Romney to a Kid Who Couldn’t Explain His Science Project

U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions
U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions

A lot of Republicans are in high anxiety these days, looking to “re-brand” the party and rejigger its message after losing the White House and failing to make gains in the Senate last year. But U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions of North Texas doesn’t appear to be among them. The chairman of the influential House rules committee says the only thing wrong with the GOP is its candidates. “We are winning when we have good candidates,” Sessions said in Dallas this morning at a “congressional briefing” hosted by the National Center for Policy Analysis. “We lose when we have bad candidates.”

Some recent Republican hopefuls, he added, have been “lazy, undisciplined, didn’t know what they were talking about, and shot their mouth off.” For example, he said, Missouri’s U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill “should have been beaten.” (But she wasn’t, after opponent Todd Akin made his comment about “legitimate rape.”)

The congressman’s prime example of a bad Republican candidate, though, seemed to be the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. “Mitt Romney appeared like a kid who showed up for his science project and the teacher said, ‘Explain it,’ and Mitt couldn’t do it,” Sessions said. “His ‘dad,’ Paul Ryan, explained it to him, but Mitt didn’t get it. … That’s why we lost the last election.”


  • JSSS

    “We are winning when we have good candidates,” Sessions said. “We lose when we have bad candidates.” Then how does he explain his re-election?

  • joeat

    Pretty simple, @JSSS because Pete is a very effective Congressman and he is right on about poor, pitiful Mitt. However, we are VERY slow learners – re: Bob Doyle and John McCain.

  • Harvey Lacey

    The Republicans suffer from “sow’s ear to make silk purse” syndrome, big time.

  • That One

    @joeat: Not so simple.
    He’s in a district built by Republicans to be bullet proof from a challenge from outside his party, and he’s the perfect good ole boy with dog whistle rhetoric for a district that has some of the biggest Tea Party districts in North Texas – meaning a moderate Republican would have to come up with pics of Sessions with a dead male hooker to win, maybe.

  • Edward

    I didn’t even realize Pete Sessions was still in Congress, the way he’s been hiding the past couple of years.

    Sadly for us, Pete Sessions is still in Congress.

    If he had to actually answer to real constituents, he would be out of office in a second.

  • Daniel

    Dead male hooker? I didn’t even realize Pete Sessions had been caught with a dead male hooker. If it turns out that Pete Sessions was not caught with a dead male hooker, I certainly hope nobody Googles “pete sessions male hooker” and comes across this comment. Because if it were untrue, that would mean no Pete Sessions dead male hooker. Repeat, PETE SESSIONS DEAD MALE HOOKER is unconfirmed.

    pete sessions hooker — maybe
    pete sessions hooker kinky romp — it’s got a poetic ring to it. Multiple truth values.
    pete sessions public defecation — hey, a guy’s gotta have a hobby. The people, they realize this.
    pete sessions public masturbation peep show arrest — undetermined.
    pete sessions toddler cannibalism — hey, it says it’s okay somewhere in Leviticus, probably. It’s not like it was a fetus, people!

    But PETE SESSIONS DEAD MALE HOOKER? Again, unconfirmed at this time. So don’t even Google it.

  • Dubious Brother

    “If he had to actually answer to real constituents, he would be out of office in a second.”
    Edward – Are you really Eddie Bernice Johnson?

  • JilliBrown

    Wow. Folks like Sessions are living in some delusional alternate reality if that’s why he truly thinks republicans lost.

    • Dubious Brother

      I’m with you. I’m wondering if all the women that Herman Cain supposedly abused are doing ok. Haven’t heard anything about them since he dropped out of the race. Have the law suits been filed? Settled? Did Axelrod pay them off?

  • JilliBrown

    He’s “a very effective Congressman?” Seriously? What exactly has he done for anyone lately?