New Dallas Stars Logo Leaks, Could Cause Starbucks Coffee Craving

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?
The beginning of a beautiful friendship?
Exhibit B
Exhibit B

The Dallas Stars are set to reveal new uniforms on June 4, but Yahoo! Sports speculates that the team’s new logo has leaked early, via the wallpaper selections available in its iPhone app.

You can see for yourself, above, that the Stars may be ditching gold in favor of silver, which does (as Yahoo notes) make for a look that could result in a Pavlovian hankering for coffee.

Instead of Tall, Grande, or Venti, just ask for the Stanley?


  • Dave

    They’re vaguely the same shade of green, they aren’t alike in any other way. This is dumb.

  • D Shapiro

    David, you clearly wrote all of that nonsense just for the last line. And I applaud your effort.

  • D Shapiro

    Jason, and I clearly need coffee…

  • Tim Rogers

    First, people, follow the Yahoo link. There’s another version of the Stars logo inside a circle that does resemble the Starbucks logo — a little. Zac says it looks like the Brooklyn Beer logo. I agree.

    But this stand-alone logo, without the circle, is an abomination. The uneven weight of that green green border on the leading right edge makes me want to punch it in the throat. And the way the rounded part of the “D” breaks out, in contrast to its trailing pointing parts, is just ridiculous. Everything about it screams minor league.

  • Jason Heid

    To be fair to D Shapiro, I was mostly going all that way to get to work in that one line.

  • Jason Heid

    I’ve added the round version of the logo as well, though it was the new colors rather than the shape that seem similar to me.

  • wbev

    Oh yes, they are both green and black and round.

  • Aimee

    If only there was a Starbucks (or anything) anywhere near Victory …

  • JSSS

    Worst. Logo. Ever.

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    What is it with these professional sports teams and their gawd awful logo designs? Does bad design sell more tickets? Will a classy logo drive away sports enthusiasts? Does the use of shading and gradients essential to conveying awesomeness? I just don’t get it–especially when there are so many good designers out there to choose from.