Local Newspaper Editor Forced to Eat Crow

Photo by Chris McGathey
Photo by Chris McGathey

In the May 2012 edition of D Magazine, I wrote a column about the political scene in North Oak Cliff. The column was inspired by how shocked I was to see that City Councilman Scott Griggs had endorsed Domingo Garcia’s bid for Congress, as opposed to the bid of Griggs’ pal Jason Roberts. I wrote that Garcia had shown me who was truly running things in North Oak Cliff, and I closed with a prediction: Griggs would lose his May 2013 showdown with fellow incumbent Delia Jasso.

Well, we all found out Saturday how wrong I was. Not only did Griggs cruise to victory, but so did incumbent DISD Trustee Eric Cowan, who faced two opponents, including one who was hand-picked and financially backed by Garcia. So I’m getting out of the predictions business … in about 30 seconds. I have one more to make.

Given that the URL for Griggs’ website is “scottgriggsdallas” and his Twitter handle is “scottgriggsdal,” I have a sneaking suspicion that a run for the mayor’s office is in his future. You heard it here first, folks. But I’ll hang on to that crow, just in case I’m wrong.


  • WCGasette

    Lots of crow is eaten in making political predictions. It’s a fact.

  • Harvey Lacey

    Damn, if you’re going to photoshop a crow at least use a photo of a crow. That thing is like kissing a hummingbird and telling the world you bit an eagle on the tail feathers.

    • Dan Koller

      Photoshop? That was a practical effect, not a digital one. The crow cost $9.95 at Norcostco.

  • Borborygmus

    I think I love Harvey Lacey.

    • Harvey Lacey

      Me too. But you already knew that.

    • L.A.. Foodie

      Menopause will do that to you.