Kay Bailey Hutchison on The Daily Show: ‘The American People Are For Background Checks’

The former senator was on with Jon Stewart last night. When asked about her replacement — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz — she said he is a bright man who’s committed to fighting for his cause. “The same thing could have been said about Lex Luthor,” Stewart replied.

They also discussed the Senate’s recent failure to approve gun control legislation, and Hutchison noted that that vote was quite against the wishes of the American people, according to polls.


  • mark

    You could tell she was biting her tounge. I would love to hear her let it all out.
    The refrence to Cruz being “bright” was a backhanded jab at Perry. I was hoping for some good Rick Perry discussion.
    The realization that Texas is represented by Cruz and Perry makes me embaassed to be a Texan.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    The American people ARE for background checks. The ones we ALREADY have.

    They are not for even more background checks. Stop trying to make new laws until you start enforcing the ones we ALREADY have. Start prosecuting the people who FAIL the background checks we already have.

  • Glenn

    Jason, who is this “Hutchinson” you’re talking about?

  • Jason Heid

    Dag nab it. My apologies to the former senator for typing that headline as I was rushing off to a meeting.

  • joeat

    @mark, I am delighted with your embarrassment as nothing could make me prouder or happier than these two fine, strong conservatives representing our state.

  • Dubious Brother

    Might I suggest San Francisco where you could bask in the glow of Brown, Feinstein and Boxer and throw in Miss Lube Rack of 1955 as your rep in DC but you won’t be able to enjoy the public parks in the nude anymore as the city council just passed a law against that, background check or no background check.