Houston Ruins Dallas’ Super Bowl LII Prospects

Today the NFL award the honor of hosting Super Bowl L, in 2016, to the San Francisco 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara, California. But of more importance to us is the fact that the owners also voted to give Super Bowl LI to Houston. As the Morning News notes, that likely spoils North Texas’ hopes for 2018.

The Dallas area is competing for the 2018 game, or Super Bowl LII but will now be considered a long shot with the 2017 edition also in the state of Texas. With Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Miami also in the running for the 52nd Super Bowl, the NFL has options to choose from outside of the Lone Star State.


  • robbiegood

    Let’s be honest. We all know Arlington (or specifically…the sprawling North Texas extravaganza) ruined Dallas’ chances…excuse me…North Texas’ chances for another Super Bowl.

  • Jbarn

    Until Dallas decides that they want the Superbowl to be in Dallas, as opposed to spread out all over this vast region, I cannot see it ever coming back here. When you have to drive 40 miles in heavy traffic from one event to the other, and you split everyone up, you miss out on the energy, the comraderie, etc…that should come with the Superbowl. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but folks are not coming from all over the country and world in order to see Irving, Grand Prairie, Arlington, etc…They are coming to Dallas, and that is where it needs to be centered.

  • freddy

    Maybe because nobody really knows where “North Texas” is? We are “Dallas” to the outside world, using another term is poor marketing.