Hear Richard P. Sheridan’s Vile Voicemail Tirade After Losing His Dallas City Council Election Bid

Having now listened to the voicemail that city council candidate Richard P. Sheridan left our Dan Koller over the weekend because of his election preview article, I sincerely hope that the man is never a Twitter user. I’m sure that he could single-handedly add several degrees of red to Dallas’ appearance on the Geography of Hate map. Dan was too kind in his description of the message.

You can listen for yourself below. WARNING: Very Not Safe For Work. You may need a shower afterwards.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/92375976″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


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  • jrd

    If that is indeed Dick Sheridan then the 28 people who voted for him should be ashamed.

  • Harvey Lacey

    I have a place in my heart for those who love to display their intelligence and vocabulary on voice mail.

    I’m torn between two thoughts on being there when Koller and POS meet. Part of me loves entertainment. But the logical part me knows it would be so embarrassing to laugh until I lose control of the bladder, ain’t never happened before, but there are limits to everything.

  • JSSS

    So he was trying to say that he doesn’t like you?

  • Bobtex

    Is it not interesting that Sheridan’s complaints against Burk are (according to him) Biblically based. Yet his communication to Mr. Koller is certainly NOT Biblically based. He is about as Christian as those Westboro crazies, and he certainly gives Christians a bad name. Unless he proves hiimself to be dangerous, I guess the best thing to do with him is to ignore him (which, of course, will only drive him even more insane). Yeah, let’s ignore him and see whether he will implode.

    • Hobbes Jd

      i think he’s already insane…he wants a position in the public sector?

  • Dubious Brother

    You can tell by his command of the English language that this boy is smooth with the ladies.

  • DallasTXDem

    Isn’t this cause for legal action? I mean, he pretty clearly threatens Mr. Koller with physical harm.

  • Michael Amonett

    Is that the same mouth he loves Jesus with?

  • Jay Roecker

    Sounds like a great choice NOT to represent our city.

  • Jay Roecker

    Sounds like a great choice NOT to represent our city.

  • Nice

    WOW – who the hell is this guy ???
    Could you imagine this LOSER on the Dallas City Council
    and embarrassing the entire city ???

    This is a prime example of why we need mandatory background checks for ALL gun purchases.

    Thank God he got no votes…..and it’s easy to see why !

    • John Kline

      Apparently he cannot hide his thoughts and feelings as well as other Texas politicians.

  • fostokes

    I mean, he’s not even a very good cusser–just try to diagram any sentence!

  • Ashley Ann

    Classy fellow. This is exactly what Jesus would do. Totally.

  • hyde 802

    I admit I laughed at the end ” press one to repeat this message.”

  • Jadubbz

    I had to press 1!

  • TheTAmericanist

    Here’s hoping that he does truly kick your ass.

    • eve

      I would bet big money that he nor you have ever kicked anyone’s ass.

    • Emmett Grogan

      All you anti-American punks circle ’round now, your enfeebled screechings alert the mindful, and powerfull anti-fascists, and you will be dealt with as you illuminate and focus attention on your dangerous and alarming violent proclivities. You’re on public notice tough-guys. Not one inch to fascism, ever and forever, you punk.

  • RightousDude

    Poor little Liberals. Your boy poser in the W.H. has now been fully exposed as the corrupt Muslim he is. He’s goin down along with your whole traitor party

  • David Burrows

    The recorded professional system prompt at the end makes it even better.

  • amanda

    I have a new respect for the restrained wordsmithery of Dan.

  • Begonia Buzzkill

    Upon Mr. Koller’s edict to publicize political candidates’ sexual habits, Forthwith: We the People anticipate and demand heterosexual candidates incessantly remind us how miserable his ilk are only having BJ’s on their birthdays (or when they pay for it)…. and how horrifically boring it is for their flat backing spouses as standard policy for political races. Thank you, Mr. Koller, for reminding everyone how important your right wing sexual dysfunctions are as qualifiers for political office.

  • Begonia Buzzkill

    I think we should all thank Mr. Koller for issuing a right wing policy edict for letting We The People know it is imperative for political candidates of his ilk to market themselves as uptight frustrated farts with bored flat backing miserable spouses… and as whom only get their dysfunctional sexual jollies on their birthdays (or when they pay for it) since he’s adamant that opposing candidates expose their sexual antics during campaigns.

  • Begonia Buzzkill

    I think we should all thank Mr. Sheridan for reminding us of the right wing policy edict for letting We The People know it is imperative for political candidates of his ilk to market themselves as uptight frustrated farts with bored flat backing miserable spouses… and as the privileged party that can only get their dysfunctional sexual jollies on their birthdays (or when they pay for it) since he’s adamant that opposing candidates expose their sexual antics during campaigns.

  • Todd Dwyer

    Sore loser says what?

  • Kevin Keith

    Personally, I think “Propagandist for the Sodomites” would make a great business card title!

    I’m surprised you didn’t press “1” though.

  • btezra

    the radical right wing never ceases to amaze me
    how do they remain in the gene pool, why isn’t Darwin doing his job?

    • justin case

      darwin said these things take time.

    • Emmett Grogan

      The process is natural and thorough. Bide your time and focus. Consider what just happened to the militarist-fascist hero of Reagan, ex-President Rios Mont in Guatemala. The genocidal beast is IN PRISON after 30 years. And so, the arc of justice is true. These monstors will fall, their fascist progeny will be defeated. All that is required is unbending anti-fascist determination and militant struggle.

  • Jesse Bo Bonin

    You know, I have found that almost without fail, men who speak this way regarding the lgbt community and those that support or accept it, are themselves harboring homosexual tendencies. Mr. Sheridan it is OK to be gay, the lgbt community is far more accepting of new comers than the christian community

  • FTB

    He clearly hates women as much as gays. Maybe he’s in denial about something.

  • bigyaz

    [Voice mail woman]: “To repeat this message…”

    Oh yes, please!!!

  • Bill Reynolds

    and the punchline: “to repeat this message, press 1”

  • Bill Reynolds

    Hey, seeing as though Price is black, I think Mr. Sheridan was quite retrained in his outburst. Of course, the words he chose were likely just substitutes for the one he wanted to use. HINT: starts with “N”

    Much like Obama-haters call him a foreigner, a tyrant, a usurper, etc., when they really mean “n——-“

  • Bill Reynolds

    look at the beard. As Charles Ramsey might say………….. “Dead giveaway!!”

  • Arthur

    Hearing his delivery reminds me of what Mark Twain said of women using profanity: “They have the words, but not the music.”

  • Ken Lord

    Why is it that every moron who starts talking about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah has no clue what it was that they were being punished for. I mean, they use the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to justify their own wacky hate, but the bible “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

    I’m tired of these mean-spirited, angry, hateful people taking over Christianity… people like Mr. Sheridan remind me of how moderate Islam followers probably feel about the extremist douchebags in their ranks who try to pervert their religion into a message of hate.

  • PR1

    For those posting on here who are giddy at the prospect that Mr. Sheridan is a right-wing Republican, according to the Dallas County elections office he has voted in both Democratic and Republican primaries. So please — don’t embarrass yourself — he is just a crazy, angry old man.

    • Sarah Bennett

      As a reporter who has interviewed him, I can attest to that. Thanks, PR1.

    • NativeTXn

      So what? Some people vote in the opposite party’s primaries for the purpose of getting the weaker candidate on the ballot in the general election.

  • Darren

    Because everything you say is more powerful when you repeat it six or eight or a dozen times.

  • BuckRimfire

    What a light-weight Sheridan is. When she doesn’t like the way I’m driving, my wife can pull off a rant twice that rough with our 12-year-old daughter in the back seat.

  • Just Joe

    Is this the same preacher who described himself as “a very well known political and spiritual activist” (Ethics compliant he filed against the city secretary). Is this the same fine, upstanding Christian stalwart who declined to run for council in 2009 saying he would “continue his work in advocating for One City and One Nation Under God.” I guess he’s liberalized somewhat these days eh?

  • John Schindel

    To repeat this message press one!

  • Yolo

    You need to rename this audio file to REPUBLICAN-TEARS and play it whenever you are having any sort of doubt about the importance of your work.

    • Sarah Bennett

      Sheridan isn’t directly affiliated with either party.

  • jenellsmere

    Listen up, America. The emotion you hear in this message, the hate, slithers through all right-wing-claiming Christ’s authority-republicans in this country. They fear everything that doesn’t fit inside the bubbles that are their lives It’s that fear you hear from candidate Sheridan and from every corner of this country. Don’t be fooled by the more intelligent aspects of conservatism using clever arguments, they’re simply more insidious haters, e.g., Ted Cruz.

  • Bruce Gerencser

    Sheridan’s use of the word “Sodomite” and the phrase “gay lifestyle” reveal that is is likely a Christian. He sure spoke a lot of words not normally spoken in church. 🙂

  • RLO

    I think he was talking about this Dan Kolhler:


  • Steve Jones

    What seems to be the problem?

  • Capt. Spastic

    What a piece of shit!

  • justin case

    where I live [ jax,fla] you can get on the ballot for council by paying $1500.00 or collecting 1000 signatures. This fool was on the ballot and only got 28 votes? that would humiliate me so much that I would hide inside my house and never go out in daylight again. if I had this fools address I would send him all my head meds, he needs them more than I do.

  • Hobbes Jd

    ah, you must have voted for him…i see you use the same language and rants. i am amazed at the christian ethic you people show…i am betting you “praise the lord” at least three times a week, then get drunk on the weekends and screw someone wife if you could. i also don’t believe you know what the hell “fascism” is…you just parrot what you hear on the right wing rado shows.

  • Hobbes Jd

    emmett, are you off your meds again?

  • Hobbes Jd

    well said…and i totally agree

  • Hobbes Jd

    just because he voted in the democratic primary does not mean he is one. his “rants” and choice of words are exactly what you hear on the right.

  • Hobbes Jd

    sarah, i have not talked directly with him nor will i ever do so…frankly, if i see him, i will walk in the other direction. but his “message” is totally right wing….far, far right wing.

  • Avid Reader

    He is a far left liberal. See, anyone can make something up.

  • eyehop

    Another person channeling god. What holy times we live in.

  • June Virgo


  • June Virgo

    Whaaaaaa ….hhahaha … cunt coward bitch … too funny

  • June Virgo

    No … he states it will not be physical “so don’t call the police you cunt coward” .. LOL

  • psycotria

    I believe Mr. Grogan was responding to @TheTAmericanist, who looked, by his comment to be in favor of the gay-bashing redneck featured in the story.

  • psycotria

    Islam IS an IDEOLOGY as well as a religion of HATE. They claim it to be the ‘Religion of Peace’, but that peace is to be had only through total SUBMISSION to the Supreme Dictator in the sky. Read and listen to Christopher Hitchens.

  • mienemutti

    Hey…Dick…who cares what a loser thinks?

  • mienemutti

    Hey Dick…who cares what a loser thinks?

  • ChurchMan

    This Sheridan character has been thrown out of official City of Dallas proceedings on multiple occasions. I have been told he once threatened Mayor Miller when she was serving the people. The man although he does not realize it, most likely has serious mental issues and should be forced into psychological evaluation at Timberlawn. This man’s erratic behavior could be a danger to society, and we should find out now before he hurts someone. Mr. Sheridan has illusions of grandeur, but has never been elected to any office, or held a regular long term job for the same employer in decades. He is so out of touch with reality he thinks he speaks the word of God as he curses people out. I really feel sorry for this disturbed individual, but I sincerely believe he should be incarcerated in a mental facility until further notice.

    • Daniel Opheim