FC Dallas is The Best Team in Major League Soccer, According to Pretty Much Everyone

Dirk Nowitzki is on the FC Dallas bandwagon too. He was at last night's match against Portland. (Granted, I'm sure some people we know wish he were still too busy with Mavs playoffs to have attended.)  Photo via Newscom
Dirk Nowitzki is on the FC Dallas bandwagon too. He was at last night’s match against Portland. (Granted, I’m sure some people we know wish he were still too busy with Mavs playoffs to have attended.) Photo via Newscom

Earlier this week, we noted how the first-place Texas Rangers were slighted by the ESPN Power Rankings after sweeping the Boston Red Sox. The team then immediately proceeded to drop two games to the not-so-good Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers.

Since I am not a fan of the world’s most popular sport, I’ve failed to notice another local pro sports team that’s flying high in the estimation of power rankers from coast to coast. FC Dallas is the best team in Major League Soccer right now, according to ESPN and SB Nation and Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports and AOL Sporting News and MLS itself.

That’s enough love to have me seriously considering a trek up to Frisco to watch a game (or is it a match?) And I’m not alone in this newfound temptation. Attendance is up, closing in on a record average. They next play Saturday night against DC United.

Both the team and player Kenny Cooper are nominated in our Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Culture voting, going on now through Sunday. Show them your support.


  • Markus

    Indeed, they’re pretty good this year. A few players have very bright futures (either in MLS, for US Team or abroad) and are fun to watch. I trek up from Lower Greenville area for most of the games and they are fun. I recommend checking out the BeerGarden section, which is a fun, growing group of supporters who chant, sing, heckle and drink beer. Everyone I’ve taken has had a blast and wants to return.

    Thanks for the post, we’d all like to see FCD gain just an inch here-and-there in the local media. They’re building something akin to Jon Daniels and the Rangers. Scouting, development, some good deals and good locker room.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    But saying FC Dallas is best in the MLS, is like saying the Grand Prairie Airhogs are best in the American Association.

    You have the Euro leagues, then you have the Latin American leagues and THEN you have the MLS.

    • P1s4SoccerTalk

      Dude, the MLS is the top soccer league in the USA. If you like soccer but don’t support your home league, you’re missing the point, Don’t slam it, support it!

    • Hank

      MLS is the top flight of American soccer. Your comparison is way off. Just because there is better leagues in other countries, does not mean the domestic league here isn’t of a decent quality. Get better material.

    • Big B

      Your point? FC Dallas is our local team and deserves our support.

      Moreover, are you trying to say that Millwall or QPR or Brentford supporters are dumb because they don’t support a top flight team in their own city? Or that the Airhogs supporters are fools for not abandoning them for the Rangers? Are you the absolute best and world-class at everything you do Enrique? If not, does that mean you shouldn’t do it?

      And I would disagree with your assertion that the Latin American leagues are better than MLS. The record of Mexican clubs against MLS teams is good, but the recent record of other Latin American team against MLS is pretty much even. And MLS is a relatively new league with improving play. On its current trajectory, the quality of MLS players and play will be measurably better than most Latin American leagues in the near future.

      MLS is not the Bundesliga or the Premiership, but it’s good and it’s getting better. FCD is helping lead the way by trying to play an attractive style to score goals, as opposed to the seat-belt style of defense soccer of some MLS teams (and that can be seen in the Euro leagues – see Italy and some Premiership team on the low end of the table). So go out and see FCD.

    • Jeremy Hayden

      FC Dallas is The Best Team in Major League Soccer, According to Pretty Much Everyone This is the title….Best in MLS it says. Did you even read that? Most likely not.

    • Clayton

      I’ll give you Liga MX, but El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica … ?? Not so much. Won’t be that way much longer.

    • Parrish

      The Airhogs stadium is a ten minute drive from the Ballpark. The closest non-MLS team to FCD requires a passport.

      Your analogy sucks.

  • Michael Gorman

    its a real shame nobody can watch the games on TV… thanks timewarner. what a great/smart deal you made with them FC Dallas. Way to make sure your product is only available to a very small audience. brilliant move.

    • Hank

      Nothing like having to find a Russian website to watch a game in your own state. A shocking move by FCD to limit their exposure.

  • marynootoo

    perhaps a way to support them would be not to qualify your story with “i’m not a fan” and end with “support them anyway!” i don’t need to hear your breakdown of what moyes is going to do at man u or why juve won serie a, or even WHY you think the MLS is boring. but for pete’s sake. feign a hint of interest? no? okay.

  • Longhorn Mom

    And hooray for the return to FC Dallas of W. T. White H.S. graduate Ramon Nunez

  • Clayton

    That pic is awesome. I was there last night and everyone went nuts when Dirk showed up. And it’s game, not match. It’s only ‘match’ if you’re from England – good question though.

    I’ll buy you your ticket if you’re still ‘seriously considering’ coming out to the stadium this weekend or later this year. Cheers.

  • DP!

    The games are on TWC sports channel 148 in HD at my house in East Dallas everytime there not on Fox Sports or picked up by NBC. Last nights game attendance was pathetic but hey did you see Cooper jump the fence and slip in all the beer! awesome!

  • BADallas

    pretty bad comparison… and pretty self loathing sounding too.

    what i think is hilarious is that teams like the arsenal in the euro leagues are owned by yanks.

    and latin leagues? stick with volleyball, player.

    hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we use those well-honed comparative skills of yours to discuss the dichotomies between the NBA and other “leagues”… or maybe the NFL and other “leagues”.