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Eric Celeste To Type Once Again for D Magazine

By Tim Rogers |

Back in November when Eric Celeste began writing a column for CultureMap, I predicted that he would soon quit. Lesson for everyone: never doubt me. Dude just quit. From his Let Me Sum Up column today:

Days before I started writing this column, my good friend/arch-nemesis, D Magazine editor Tim Rogers, wrote a blog post suggesting that I would quit this gig sooner rather than later. Left unsaid was that he immediately began recruiting me (sounds nicer than “begging me”) to write for his magazine.

After six months, I finally acquiesced, on the condition that he step down as editor. Now that this has occurred, I become D Magazine’s city columnist, beginning with the July issue.

He plays this game well, no? He also has done some of the best writing about the city that I’ve read in recent months. Having worked for nearly every print media outlet in North Texas — plus political campaigns, corporate clients, probably some random think tanks that I don’t know about — Eric knows the city better than any journalist who works here. (Jim Schutze would argue with that statement, and I’d listen to him.) As I enter the next stage of my battle to the death with Eric, there is only one thing about him that I feel at this moment I must overlook: he’ll quit this D gig, too.