Dallas City Council District 11 Election Preview: Kleinman and Raphael Spar Over Cars vs. Bikes

Lee Kleinman
Lee Kleinman

The race for Dallas City Council District 11 hasn’t received nearly as much attention as some of other contests in Saturday’s election. The area straddles what’s considered North Dallas and Far North Dallas.

One one side is Lee Kleinman, the COO of an Allen-based company called Bridge Metrics, which offers digital sales and marketing tools. On the other is Ori Raphael, a partner in Fresh Loc, which monitors temperatures in hospitals via “the cloud.”

Ori Raphael
Ori Raphael

Kleinman, 54, says he’s interested in a City Council seat as a capstone to his public service — as opposed to his 29-year-old opponent.

“I’m not here launching a career. I’m finishing a career,” Kleinman said. “I’m in a very good stage of life.”

Raphael sees that stage as something voters should be wary of.

“My opponent likes to say he’s at the end of his career; he has nothing to lose. Well, then that means he couldn’t care less what the taxpayers think,” Raphael said.

Kleinman’s got the endorsements of the establishment, including outgoing councilwoman Linda Koop and previous councilwoman Lois Finkelman, but does that guarantee a win over Raphael?



His pitch: “I’m all about big vision, and I’ve got the background to execute it.”

Bike friendliness?  He’s touted the Dallas Bike Plan as a necessary expense to improve the city’s quality of life.

Prior experience: Appointed to the Park and Recreation Board by Linda Koop, who is vacating her seat on the City Council because of term limits.



His pitch: “I’m running to represent the taxpayers and voters and residents of District 11, to make sure our money is being spent on the things we need it to be spent on.”

Bike friendliness? He has suggested funding for trails could be cut to help finance everything from police patrols and library hours to his signature issue: streets and alleys.

Prior experience: Three years as an outreach coordinator in the Dallas office of Congressman Pete Sessions



  • Roger

    Dan – I have the same question as earlier. Which PR firms are running the Gates & Burk campaigns?

  • Roger

    And which ones are running Kleinman / Raphael?


    Gates – Allyn Media, Mary Woodlief; Manager – Linda Rogers, Tea Party campaign manager
    Burk – C.P. Henry, Margolin former manager and many council/city campaigns and GOP campaigns
    Kleinman – Craig Murphy and techie GOP political firm Nasica
    Raphael – Robyn Mersky, worked for Laura Miller, strong in Jewish community & neighborhoods

  • Dan Koller

    Roger, throughout the District 13 campaign, I have dealt with C.P. Henry on the Burk side and with Mary Woodlief, Linda Rogers, and Jennifer Staubach Gates herself on the Gates side. In District 11, I have dealt only with the candidates themselves.