Check Out the Black-and-White Numbers in a Pair of Brown vs. White Elections

City Councilman Scott Griggs defeated fellow incumbent Delia Jasso last week in North Oak Cliff’s new District 1, where the voting-age population is 74 percent Hispanic. And DISD Trustee Eric Cowan fended off challengers Rafael Narvaez III and Arturo Sierra in District 7, where the student bodies of the three major high schools — Adamson, Sunset, and Molina — are all more than 90 percent Hispanic. So how did these two white guys cruise to re-election in overwhelmingly Mexican-American districts where their opponents were Latinos? It’s because the mostly white residents of Kessler Park, Stevens Park, and Winnetka Heights go to the polls far more than anyone else in North Oak Cliff.


  • Pegaso

    Could is also be that Hispanic people like Scott Griggs enough to vote for him (or enough to not vote against him)? Not everyone votes for skin color.

  • Randy Zimmerman

    If it’s crucially important that people in a district are always represented by a person of the same skin color, there’s an easy answer for Hispanic districts. They need to be about 350% Hispanic…

  • Pete Moore

    First of all Griggs was a much more effective council member than his opponent. In addition, you need to consider the ages of residents rather than raw numbers. Finally, we have seen what happens when voters are limited to choices of people who have stayed behind in poorer districts while everyone who has accomplished anything has moved to DeSoto or Cedar Hill.

  • Cliff Dweller

    You could also consider the other candidates Kessler/Stevens Park has supported recently:

    Pres. Barack Obama, Sen. Paul Sadler, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, State Sen. Royce West, State Rep. Rafael Anchia, Bd of Ed Mavis Best-Knight, County Judge Clay Jenkins, County Comm Elba Garcia, Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

    A pretty mixed bag, wouldn’t you say? And none of those are even close, the smallest margin is 54% for Mr. Jenkins. Seems like there is some criteria other than skin color at work here.

  • Freedom Fromtyranny

    Racist Dmag

    you’re saying that non whites wont vote for whites

    whites vote for non whites all the time

    ask obama

    shame on you Dmag for your bias