Why Didn’t WFAA-TV (Channel 8) Broadcast the Memorial Service For the West, Texas, Firefighters?

Uncle Barky was asking that question last Thursday afternoon on Twitter, when all our other Dallas-Fort Worth network stations were carrying the entire event live. WFAA was instead airing its regular programming, three syndicated programs: Anderson Live, Dr. Oz, and Katie. He hasn’t gotten a response out of WFAA management, but today on his blog he shared a few messages from others who were also upset by the station’s decision:

Here’s a sampling of readers’ comments, beginning with portions of an email exchange with WFAA8 sent by reader/viewer Jack Wilson:

Wilson: You did the area a great disservice by not carrying the Waco Memorial until the President spoke. You did your news station reputation a huge disservice.

WFAA8 representative Ann Clark: The full memorial service has been airing on WFAA 8.3, TXCN and streamed online at wfaa.com.

Wilson: (Verizon) Fios does not carry TXCN and it does not carry any of the digital channels. I doubt that Dish, DirecTV or Time Warner carry the digital channels either. Your programming staff needs to take that into consideration when deciding what to broadcast . . . I am a Channel 8 fan. If I am going to watch news, 99% of the time my TV will be on Channel 8. I was really surprised when I discovered that you thought talk shows were more important than a tribute to Texas heroes.