Whither Bradford Pearson?

I got an email from a FrontBurnervian today asking where Brad went and why he hasn’t been posting on the blog. I saw Brad yesterday at the Bush dedication. He was turned out in a natty midnight-blue suit and wearing a pair of tan wingtips that made me wonder how much trouble I’d get into if I borrowed a 600-millimeter lens from one of the nearby photographers and used it to hit Brad over the head so that I could steal his shoes while he was lying bloody and unconscious. They were nice shoes, is the point I’m trying to make.

Before I could come to a conclusion about how much trouble I’d get into, Brad decamped from the backwater print press viewing area where I was and finagled his way up into the primo television broadcast riser. He did this by sticking his sorry orange press badge into his shirt pocket so that it wasn’t visible to the security woman whose job was to allow only blue-badged TV people into the riser. Then he just walked past her, looking intently at his phone, as if he were texting with David Gregory. It was a pretty slick move. Anyway, Brad was there yesterday under the auspices of Esquire. Here’s what he wrote for their culture blog today about his trip the Bush Library.


  • Mee2

    So he broke security protocol.

    • Tim Rogers

      I can tell you’re trying to make a point. What is it?

  • Mee2

    Deleted my post about Brad breaking security protocol

  • Pete Freedman

    This is what industry professionals call a “non-answer.”

  • DDD

    Asked and answered. Obvious what he is doing now.

  • Bill Simpson

    The answer is also available on Brad’s LinkedIn page:


  • Rodger

    File under: “opaque.”

  • Pat

    I’m less worried about where he went. I’d like to know WHY he went, and if the declining traffic on the blog has anything to do with it.