Where To Donate For Victims of West Explosion

A ton of people have been contacting me, asking what they can do or where they can give. Here is a good spot for cash donations, 100 percent of which go to the people in West. The Knights of Columbus are a pretty big part of West, since it has a huge Catholic population. (The KC hall is not far down the road from where the fertilizer plant was, and I know they’ve been using it for various aid purposes in the past few days.) Other than that, I know of a few benefits in the works, and I will share the details as they are finalized. And in case you haven’t heard, President Obama and his wife are planning to stop by on Thursday.

Beyond all that, I appreciate all the kind words sent my way. But as I mentioned on Twitter, while I’m still extremely sad, I’m fine. My parents are, too. There are plenty of other folks down there who need good thoughts more than we do, so please direct them there. This is going to take a long time.