“Welcome to Dallas. Please Stay Here. It’s Great!”

Welcome-to-Dallas-signPatrick McDonnell of the awesomely named nonprofit Revolutionary Pants sent me a link to his Crowdtilt page, where he is trying to raise a measly 100 bucks to get signs with that slogan on them (um, pictured, obviously) printed. They are rebuke to the Austin sign that popped up around SXSW that said “Welcome to Austin. Please Don’t Stay Here. I Hear Dallas is Great” — maybe a new sign, but a long held sentiment. If you wish to help fund this, go here.


  • Emily Armour

    Only if they use a different font for “It’s Great!”

  • Liz Johnstone

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • Patrick McDonnell

    That can be arranged!

  • reneeblo

    Hmm, I think all of the fonts can be rethought.