Today’s Fresh Jam: A Video Journey Through
$3 Billion Dallas Midtown

Christine will have a post up shortly on RealPoints with all the nitty-gritty details (UPDATE: right here.) of the $3 billion mixed-used development that’s taking the place of Valley View Center along LBJ. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s calling itself Dallas Midtown, even though it’s 10 miles north of Dallas Uptown and Dallas Downtown.

For now, check out their dance-music-infused 3D video trip through the development, hitting the highlights: an Iconic Office Tower! a Hike and Bike Trail! a Cable Car! a Surfing Wave Pool! Sears!


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  • Midtown

    two thoughts:

    1) nothing says “iconic office tower” and luxury hotel/residential like a sears next door.

    2) palm trees? really?

  • Scott Strong

    Palm trees?

    Excuse me while I vomit from the palm trees and the fact that the video did nothing but spin in a circle.

  • Lexie Okeke

    They need to move park to a location that’s more accessible to those that live outside that bubble. Otherwise the only folks that use it will be the folks from the hotel, Sears, and JCP…or maybe that’s their intent.

  • jmckee

    That video literarily made me dizzy.

  • Senor

    So, where are those thousands of apartment dwellers going to park?

  • jrb

    This will not be built, at least in this form anyway.


    1. Please no city funding. Get your money from Obama and Washington. Ha Ha
    2. A.mess on the prairie.
    3. Preplanned ghetto for 2025
    4. Convert it to a DART station for trains running NSEW.
    5. Forget about it. Replant the cotton fields from 1950.

  • A. B.

    I hope they aren’t pinning their success on the future of their anchor tenants, Sears and JCP. May as well throw in Sound Warehouse and Units to round out the mix.

  • t b

    That video shines with the same artistry and good taste that is (or was) so evident at The Trophy Club and Miami Subs.

    Yes, you’re in good hands, Dallas Midtown!