Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 16

Pretty flowers, that you could definitely see tonight. From the Dallas Arboretum’s Facebook page.

I know it doesn’t look too promising, but it should be nice and sunshiney later on.

And we’re only a few dates in to the Dallas Arboretum’s spring and summer concert series, and this is about the perfect time to enjoy an evening out of doors. You need a picnic basket and some wine (or beer), but since I’m feeling pretty lazy, that’s what Whole Foods is for. Tonight’s featured act is Dan Whyms, a Johnny Cash tribute, and the views of White Rock Lake are pretty unbeatable. Tickets are limited, so buy quickly.

Also tonight, Rihanna’s at the American Airlines Center with A$AP Rocky, which should be quite the show. Underselling, I know, but look: even the cheaper tickets are still available, so you could totally make this happen if you enjoy lyrics like “cake cake cake cake.” I’d go just for A$AP Rocky, mostly because while I do like her music—almost nobody does great pop like Rihanna, transforming the utterly ridiculous into fantastic song and dance numbers—I find her whole personal spectacle really grim. However, I advise proceeding with a small bit of caution. She canceled her show in Houston last night due to illness, so there’s a decent chance this could all go belly up, too. But we’ll see. Update 2:47: Guess who’s right? Yep. Me. Show’s postponed.

Finally, we have former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who will deliver a lecture this evening at UNT. That’s more than decent reward for making your way all the way out to Denton this evening, even if she won’t be tickling the ivories.

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