Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 10

From the Dallas Opera's Turandot.
From the Dallas Opera’s Turandot.

I know it’s dark outside, but when your eye doctor dilates your eyes, office lights hurt. And your coworkers will say things to you like, “You look so creepy. Like something out of a horror movie.” Maybe I am.

Tonight, in non-horror stories, Mayor Mike Rawlings, noted Facebook user and art enthusiast, moderates a conversation with some of our most creative thinkers and doers Dallas City Performance Hall. He’s declared this week Dallas Arts Week, by the way. Panelists include Max Anderson, director of the Dallas Museum of Art; Kevin Rubén Jacobs, director of Oliver Francis Gallery; Kevin Moriarty, artistic director of the Dallas Theater Center; Eric Steele, one of the Texas Theatre’s guy wonders; and John Kirtland of Kirtland Records. Mayor Mike will open the floor to topics such as “What can we do to make Dallas a destination for artists and creative thinkers” and “How can we foster a culture of creativity?”

Speaking of the arts in and around the Arts District, the Dallas Opera opened Puccini’s Turandot over the weekend. Rainy Wednesdays are a great day to watch a bunch of beheadings, and you can still get tickets to this evening’s performance at the Winspear online. Over on FrontRow, Wayne Lee Gay was disappointed with some of the performances on opening night, but declares the production entertaining nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Meddlesome Moth has declared this week April Ale Week. I think we can celebrate both, especially since this also coincides with the Moth’s third birthday. The pub has been busy the past couple days, but tonight they’re hosting a meet-and-greet with Todd Usry of Breckenridge Brewery that includes five beer tastings and complementary snacks for $25. Not a bad deal. Just call to double-check on spots.

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  • sooieeehog

    Go for the Optomap screening. A little extra $, but no more dilation. And easy to track any changes over the years. (sooieeehog receives no payment from Optomap for this message.)