Texas Dollars Stay in Texas (Mainly)

image1Theoretical physicist Dirk Brockmann used network theory to track how dollar bills circulate. The result shows regional economic borders, the thick blue lines marking where dollars are unlikely to cross. As you can see, Texas dollars tend to circulate in Texas, seeping a little west into New Mexico and east into Louisiana — and big surprise — Arkansas.

On the other hand, Texas and Oklahoma might as well have our own Berlin Wall. What’s with that? Don’t Sooners bring down their dollars for Texas-OU? Don’t busloads of Texans play blackjack at WinStar? (H/t FastCompany)


  • AJZ

    Very interesting. But since he only tracked physical bills, this makes me curious what percentage (both in terms of number and gross dollar value) of transactions still employ paper currency. Otherwise, it’s difficult to evaluate how economically meaningful those blue lines truly are. Lots of people hardly use paper money at all anymore; and to the extent they do, surely it represents an ever decreasing sliver of their transactions.