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Is SMU Human Rights Professor Secretly a Nazi Freak?


And in today’s edition of bizarre-as-hell lawsuits, the Observer has the court docs filed by a former Southern Methodist University professor who claims she was fired in retaliation for trying to blow the whistle on Rick Halperin, the founding director of the university’s Embrey Human Rights Program. Patricia Davis, the professor, says Halperin was having sex with students and running around his neighborhood naked while peeping into windows. Now, I’m certainly not condoning that kind of behavior, but that’s not really the part of the story that jumps out at me. Rather, it is that Davis claims Halperin (who is, remember, the head of a human rights program that leads an annual summer trip for SMU students to holocaust sites) is secretly obsessed with Nazis. From the suit:

He appeared obsessed with the Nazis (privately giving Nazi salutes, screaming ‘Achtung’ on the telephone, displaying huge posters of Nazi symbols and events in his office and watching hours and hours of pictures of bodies and Holocaust death camps on his office television)