How a Texas Treatment Facility Helped Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd was in Dallas talking about child abuse. Photo by Jeanne Prejean
Ashley Judd was in Dallas talking about child abuse. Photo by Jeanne Prejean

Actress Ashley Judd credits a treatment facility near Abilene with helping her overcome depression caused by “unresolved childhood grief” in 2006. Speaking to an annual fundraising luncheon for the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, which assists abused children, Judd said she found herself at the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas, to visit her sister Wynonna, who’d checked in for a compulsive overeating disorder, during the facility’s “family week.”

Wynonna teamed with Naomi Judd, Ashley’s and Wynonna’s mother, to form the hit country-music duo The Judds in the 1980s. Ashley’s starred in movies including Double Jeopardy and Ruby in Paradise.

Wynonna “would say,’I think I need to go to cooking school,’ ” Ashley, 44, told 1,100 people at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel today, spurring laughter. “Isn’t that just like an addict?!” The actress said she had been the victim of child abuse–in her case, the abuse included abandonment and neglect—as well as rape. So when it came time for her to leave Shades of Hope, she recalled, “they did an intervention on me.” The facility’s founding owner told her, “No one ever thinks to do an intervention on the lost child.” After having been “so choked on my own pain and ashamed of my own shame …” Ashley said, the Texas treatment center “gave me a safe place to fall apart.”


  • Spectator

    Where was Naomi when all of this was going on?
    It seems like she gets a free pass on the troubled childhoods both of her children experienced.
    I was abandoned and neglected after my parents divorce and so was my sister and to a lesser degreee, an old brother.
    I think it’s great that the Judds can afford treatment. It’s not free.
    The mental health services in Dallas and all of Texas are deplorable and largely unavailable to the average person and we need to change this.
    I don’t know what it will take, but neglect and abuse follow one into adulthood affecting marriages, employment, and overall happiness.

  • mikep

    • Texas Girl

      Why is it alays about you Mike?

  • John Rinaldi

    Naomi I’m afraid was the root behind all of this. She conned Wynona’s biological father into marriage and then forced him out seeking better pastures. Forgive me but this is all in the book… What matters now is that the Judd’s are all healing … and seemingly forgiveness. Having read the book and having felt as if Ms. Judd was speaking for me… it is an exemplary account of human strength.

    Texas may not be adequate as you say, and places like Shades does not take insurance, having money does not heal you. It’s the wish To heal that does. Yes abuse affects people widely depending on what we’re made up and attitude is large. Abuse is situational and should be acknowledged to be the responsibility of the abuser and with proper insight, should there rest. We however as the victim allow it to flow over and infect all aspects of our lives.

    Being the victim as we all know is of choice.

    Ashley must be praised- in fact I think I may owe her my life.

  • John Rinaldi

    Shades of Hope is first rate and although they did not accept my insurance as a private facility they supported me as I found one that would. Depression, PTSD, is all real! God bless you Ashley. I too live my life in thanks. Thanks to Ms. Judd, Newtown’s Sandy Hook will have a Kids Center!