Hooligans Trench Dallas Museum of Art Lawn

DMANo, no, no. That’s not what happened. From our office across the street, we’ve watched as the Dallas Museum of Art erected an enormous tent around its Di Suvero sculpture for the Art Ball and then, this week, disassembled it. I’m given to understand that the damage to the lawn was expected and that a landscape company has already donated its services. The gig raised $2.25 million. Nice work, people.


  • 5lazyr

    Thank you, Southern Botanical!! (Landscape company in question.)

  • Anne

    I watched the tent go up from my office window. Somebody needed to measure its height, though, because there was a tear from the top portion of the sculputre poking through the tent’s roof.

    • TheSlowPath

      Pretty sure that was also planned. They wrapped additional tarpaulin around the portion sticking out. It would have looked pretty cool if they had just left the red tip poking around the top of the tent, though.

    • Tim Rogers

      Yes, that was planned.