Here Is a Video of Landon Donovan Missing a Penalty Kick Against FC Dallas

I’ve put it after the jump, because it’s a Vine video, and you don’t need that noise every single time you pull up FrontBurner. Before we get there, a few things:

1) With Saturday night’s win, FC Dallas is comfortably atop the table in MLS’ Western Conference, with a 5-1-1 record and 16 points. Winning is fun.

2) I can’t recommend the FC Dallas experience enough. I’ve been to two matches so far this season, both wins, and it’s a great (and pretty cheap) time. Except for the parking situation which, while free, is an insane riddle of unparalleled horribleness, or maybe I just parked in the wrong spot.

3) Seriously. Go see FC Dallas play. OK, now the missed PK.


  • justanopinion007

    As far as I can tell, It wasn’t so much missed as it was blocked/saved by the goalie. The title of this post made it sound more like the penalty kicker flubbed. There’s no embarrassment in a good guess by the goalie.

    • Tim Rogers

      I’m with justanopinion007 on this one. Now, justanopinion006 is a total douche. Never side with that guy.

  • Zac Crain

    Yes, it was a nice save. Which is why I didn’t say “Landon Donovan horribly shanks penalty kick OMG fail.” I said missed. Which he did. I can grab a dictionary, if you like.

  • Eric Celeste

    It wasn’t a guess. Coach Schellas Hyndman said they felt because he was coming off a long layoff that Donovan would go to the kick with which he was most familiar. That was to his right. It was good scouting/coaching/guessing.