Have We Seen the Last of the Snuffer’s Ghost?

I didn’t even know that the Snuffer’s on Greenville Avenue, which was torn down earlier this month and will be rebuilt, was supposedly haunted. Which raises the question (at least according to the Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate), was the ghost destroyed in the demolition?

They asked Alan King of the Dallas Area Paranormal Society to weigh in:

[King] says it depends on what the spirit(s) is haunting. If it’s haunting the building, then probably not. If it’s haunting the ground, then we might see our ghostly friend again. If it’s haunting a piece of furniture or object, then it’ll depend on whether or not said object makes it into the new building.

If it is haunting the ground, we might begin to hear about curious things happening at the construction site, King says. So keep your eyes peeled!


  • Valerie Clem

    I’ve been going to Snuffers on Greenville since the 1980’s and I’ve never heard it was haunted either. Urban Legend? Hmmm…

  • Michael Hassett

    Yeah totally haunted.

  • Randy Zimmerman

    Probably just haunted by the smell of greasy cheese fries from the past…

  • sooieeehog

    Have you ever noticed how much the bearded Billy Joel looks like Alan King, the noted Borscht Belt comic?