George W. Bush Expressway Bill Still in Fast Lane

Mentioned this yesterday, but State Rep. Dan Branch’s bill calling for the renaming of a stretch of Central Expressway (U.S. Highway 75) in Dallas went before the Texas House Transportation Committee this morning.

The DMN reports that it sailed right through “without question or dissension” and was left pending. The proposal now calls for only the portion between Knox-Henderson and Park Lane to carry the name or our 43rd president. And it’ll apparently not be a name that appears on maps, just on signs that would be erected along the road. More like an honorary title than an official designation.

“This is a bipartisan effort. It’s something that will be good for this part of the Metroplex,” Branch said.

More than 18,800 people have signed an online petition opposing the measure, but that was not discussed by the committee.

Feel free to use this news as another excuse to debate the wisdom of the Iraq War and Obamacare in the comments.


  • joeat

    I very much admire President Bush and am a big fan of Dan Branch and fully expect him to be Governor of Texas someday but this IS NOT a good idea. It will be way too confusing with the Bush Tollway and then the new Bush Avenue (Bush Boulevard would have sounded so much better) on the SMU campus. Can’t we find something else more appropriate to name after our former President?

  • auntiecairo

    So 18,800 people don’t count? I can’t believe anti-spending Republicans would waste money on ego bills such as this – not to mention the confusion it could case since we already have a George Bush freeway. If only our representatives took as much interest in education and healthcare. . . at least I now know who I will be campaigning against in the near future. ..

    • SybilsBeaver

      what is the George Bush freeway you speak of, I thnk you are already confused

  • Long Memory

    I won’t talk bad about Mr. Bush. I won’t talk bad about Mr. Bush. I won’t talk bad about Mr. Bush. And I won’t rehash “the wisdom of the Iraq War and Obamacare.” (pinkie promise) I would simply suggest that we give this stretch of roadway a nickname. I propose “The Ditch.”

  • FIJ

    Why are we in such a hurry to name anything after this extremely crappy President? Would the Mavs name the stretch of road in front of the AAC Chris Anstey Boulevard?

  • Dubious Brother

    Funny that people are carping about naming it after President Bush because of Iraq. Does that mean we can pull the plug on naming 635 after LBJ? After all, neither one of them won the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Bobtex

    Instead of “naming” a couple of miles of Central Expressway for George Bush (at taxpayers’ expense and mapmakers’ hassle), why don’t the Bush-lovers just erect (or rent) a billboard above the highway that reads “We Love George”? That expresses their sentiments without imposing them on the rest of us.

  • Daniel

    How about a giant statue, a la the not at all tacky Sam Houston on I-45 north of Houston, looming 50, 60, 100 feet above Central Expressway, tossing out a winning grin to the snarled traffic of Dallas, making us feel somehow, well, safer, what with his resolve, and his resolve, and his superhuman powers at clearing brush, and his resolve — and then, just as you pass this magnificent monument, you become aware of the sinister, scowling Cheney standing behind him. Come on, one reason why not.

  • Left of Center

    State Highway 190 – the President George Bush Turnpike, actually.