Dallas Stars Ruin May Issue of D Magazine by Trading Jaromír Jágr

Given how surly Jaromír Jágr was with Peter, I'd like to hear Elizabeth Lavin's story about photographing him.
Given how surly Jaromír Jágr was with Peter, I’d like to hear Elizabeth Lavin’s story about photographing him.

Contrary to what some of the city’s less talented PR professionals seem to think, D Magazine is not (usually) put together in a single day, the day before it’s printed. If you want to get some item of information into our next issue, it’s already too late. Each edition takes much planning, and a story often take months to go from being a half-baked idea a writer reluctantly mumbled under his breath at an editorial meeting to a fully-fleshed and illustrated article.

Point is, we have to work way ahead on these things. Which explains why we were all set to run a feature in May about Jaromír Jágr, the legendary NHL player who was this season with the Dallas Stars. Up until Tuesday, that is, when he was traded to the Boston Bruins.

So the story, by Peter Simek, won’t appear in the print product. Instead, we’ve got for you here a WEB EXCLUSIVE.

Read the whole thing.