Wildenthal Thanks Friends, Rips ‘False’ Info

Dr. Kern Wildenthal, target of a sort of guilty-until-proven-innocent jihad by Dallas’ daily newspaper over his expense reporting, has thanked friends and supporters for standing by him in the face of the “misleading and false information.”

In an email sent yesterday afternoon, the former president of UT Southwestern Medical Center referred to a recent “Open Letter” of support that appeared as an ad in both the Dallas Morning News and the Austin American-Statesman. The ad was signed by hundreds of prominent Dallasites, including former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and her husband Ray, Laura Miller and Steve Wolens, Caren Prothro, Ruth and Dr. Ken Altshuler, and—this one had to sting the DMN— Mrs. Burl Osborne.

Said Wildenthal in his email:

The organizers of the “Open Letter” felt that its publication was necessary because, with one exception, media stories concerning the recent reports from an independent external auditing and accounting firm (Grant Thornton LLP) and from the UT System’s newly appointed chief of internal audits had neglected to provide a balanced and fair account of the key findings and central conclusions of the auditors’ reports.

The fundamental conclusions of the new external and internal reports were similar to all the official UT System and UT Southwestern audits that had been conducted in previous years – namely, that my activities, expenses, documentations, and reimbursements were reasonable and appropriate; were of clear benefit to UT Southwestern; and were in conformance with UT rules and standards. These findings were as expected, but it was nevertheless very gratifying to have them confirmed and finalized. As the “Open Letter” noted, the auditors determined that the few over-reimbursements I had inadvertently received through clerical errors and oversights over the last ten years ($6,176) were actually outweighed by fully substantiated, reimbursable expenses which would properly have been paid by UT Southwestern, but for which I had paid personally ($17,139).

For some individuals it would no doubt be of interest for the recent reports of Grant Thornton and the UT System to be described and analyzed in detail, along with explanations of how these in-depth reviews have answered and corrected earlier mistakes, omissions, and misinterpretations (and I can provide this if anyone wishes to know more details). However, I have come to realize that perpetuating a public debate on this issue is fruitless.


  • Richard III

    Why would the the DMN be “stung” by Ms. Osborne, whose late husband retired more than 12 years ago? Her endorsement is hardly a surprise. And who exactly would be stung. Or did you write this for affect?

  • Virgil

    I love how Wildenthal is thanking people for being revealed as a charity swindler. D won’t even mention the findings of fact from the independent investigative report from Paul Hasting, like it never existed. it’s now all a vendetta by the DMN. Where have we heard this before?

  • Jason Leahy

    It’s amazing that D-FrontBurner is again trying to pawn off the same article from a month ago, “Wildenthal ‘gratified’ by ad about spending flap.”

    Wildenthal was never exonerated for the wrongdoing found in the independent investigative report by Paul Hastings LLP, which was officially commissioned by UT System chancellor Francisco Cigarroa, and the only independent finding of facts that has any validity thus far. Yet, Wildenthal disingenuously thanks everyone as if he were exonerated.

    What a dirtbag liar and con-man this guy is!

    This is a pathetic attempt to pawn off the same bogus spin that didn’t work a month ago. It’s getting very tired, Glenn.

    Really, does D-Magazine need UT Southwestern’s ad money that badly to sell out its integrity as journalists?

  • Wylie H Dallas


    We’ve been down this road before. I’ll tell you what, call Wildenthal’s bluff, get copies of the Grant Thornton and UT System reports, as well as the Paul Hastings report. Post them online for everyone to read and then let’s revisit this.

    Sounds reasonable to me. What do you say?

  • Dr Coldhand

    The paradox of D Magazine is that its editors want to be high minded, but doctors pay a lot of bills, so we get this kind of post. And at one time we had Tim weakly defending Parkland Hospital.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    True… On the one hand, it’s kind of disheartening when D Mag does stuff like this; on the other hand, baby needs new shoes!

  • Virgil

    Well, it looks like someone already posted the Grant Thornton and UTS report at the Parkland House of Horrors, and it hardly supports Wildenthal’s claims of innocence.