UT Southwestern Medical Center Gets Funky With Hand Washing Video

In a hospital, washing your hands is a big deal. The CDC has issued a warning about the rise of a “nightmare bacteria.” Yet one study showed that hospital workers nationwide only wash their hands about half as frequently as they should. And they don’t really like to be reminded to do it. Which brings us to the video you see here. This is one way UT Southwestern is trying to push its “hand hygiene compliance” above 95 percent. The guy who confronts the first doc about washing her hands is a professional dancer named JayFunk. Everyone else is an actual doc or other worker at UTSW. The outtakes video, for my money, is almost better. Full disclosure: the woman who produced the video is Ashlie McGill, a former D Magazine employee and my neighbor. I would call her a friend, except she just put her house on the market. So now she’s dead to me.


  • Michael

    This hand dancing crap is a waste of human life.

    • Tim Rogers

      So you tried it at your desk, didn’t you? And you got frustrated because you couldn’t do it, right? Don’t give up. It takes practice.

  • Tim Rogers

    I’ll also point you to this New Yorker story about the rise of Purell. It’s behind a paywall, if you don’t subscribe. But it’s worth tracking down. Fun fact: Gojo Industries, the company that invented Purell, lost money on it for more than a decade.


  • David Burrows

    It’s good to know that hip-hop, radioactive isotopes can clean your hands.

  • Caroline

    Timmy – thanks for your continuing efforts to help us distract from the headlines of corruption and mismanagement at UTSW and Parkland. No wonder so many of my peers advertise with you. You are a great advertising partner!

    • Tim Rogers

      I am surprised it took as long as it did to field a comment like yours, Caroline. If you are distracted by this little post — if you watched a two-minute video about hand hygiene and forgot all about the continuing CMS oversight of Parkland and the ongoing story about whether Kern Wildenthal did or did not misspend money and the clash of cultures between UT Southwestern and Parkland — then you have a small attention span indeed.

      I’m sure that’s not the case.

  • Anna B.

    It’s a cool video Tim, thanks for posting. Also thought the outtakes video was funny. It’s no joke how important it is to wash your hands, so to the haters – the next time you need medical care, please ask to be treated by people who have NOT washed their hands.

  • Jason Leahy

    Wow! From having a couple of controversies with Hexter Pre-K and “hiring-a-day laborer” to reporting on handwashing videos on youtube. Tim, you should go back to wearing tuxs all day, dude!

  • Jason Leahy

    Wow! After a couple of controversies with Hexter pre-K and “hire-a-day laborer”, you’re reduced to reporting on handwashing videos on youtube. Glad to see you’re moving up in the world of serious journalism, Tim.

  • Virgil


    Is this your attempt to get advertising from soap makers? Because this story and the video are both lemons, obviously something that only UT Southwestern cares about. For the rest of us, Zzzzzzzzzz…

  • Delicious K

    @Jason – yer forgetting “Open Letter to a Litterbug” and general misuse of government data for personal use.

  • Jane Smith

    Videos are cute and those involved in the video will likely increase their hand hygiene after participating in making this, but what will happen 1-3 months from now? Let’s ask hospitals to invest in real technology to provide consistent personal feedback to workers hand hygiene activities and keep them washing every time they care for a patient. Promoting hand hygiene among healthcare workers and patients will decrease infections, so give them the tools to ensure they focus on improving their hand washing.

  • Hexter

    Tim Rogers gets “funky” with dumb news nobody cares about. “Funky???” What are we…in a time warp from the ’70’s? Tim, you must be an embarrassment with your daughter when you try to “get down” with the youth’s lingo in front of her and her friends. Next time, hire a “day-laborer” to do your job because it’s obviously anyone could do it.