Two Dozen Billionaires Live in North Texas

My total worth is somewhere about a mile east of the chart.
My total worth is somewhere about a mile east of the chart.

Forbes released its annual “Let’s All Weep Into Our Empty Wallets” list today, known to many with less-empty wallets as the World’s Billionaires List. As usual, Dallas-Fort Worth did fairly well, with 26 folks landing on the list, up from 23 last year. If charts aren’t your thing:

#16- Alice Walton, $26.3 billion
#131- Andrew Beal, $8.5 billion
#136- Harold Simmons, $8.3 billion
#145- Elaine Marshall and family, $8 billion
#215- Ray Lee Hunt, $5.6 billion
#258- Robert Rowling, $4.9 billion
#276- Trevor Rees-Jones, $4.5 billion
#384- Ross Perot, Sr., $3.5 billion
#527- Robert Bass, $2.7 billion
#527- Jerry Jones, $2.7 billion
#527- Kelcy Warren, $2.7 billion
#554- David Bonderman, $2.6 billion
#589- Tim Headington, $2.5 billion
#613- Mark Cuban, $2.4 billion
#641- Richard Rainwater, $2.3 billion
#736- Edward Bass, $2 billion
#736- Lee Bass, $2 billion
#831- Sid Bass, $1.8 billion
#831- Gerald J. Ford, $1.8 billion
#931- Ray Davis, $1.6 billion
#1031- Ross Perot, Jr., $1.4 billion
#1175- T. Boone Pickens, $1.2 billion
#1175- Kenny Troutt, $1.2 billion
#1175- Todd Wagner, $1.2 billion
#1342- Darwin Deason, $1 billion
#1342- William Moncrief, Jr., $1 billion

One thought: if the cabal of dudes at #527 (Bass, Jones, Warren) put their heads together, I bet they could come up with some fantastic ideas for leveraging Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington.


  • roofing_texas

    Nice to have one less thing, to worry about.

  • Anonymous

    Ehh, putting Boone Pickens on the list is a stretch. He’s more West Texas nowadays.

    • ronbassets friend

      he’s no longer a bilionaire either, this from a VERY relilable source !

  • Fred

    “North Texas”? Wow the Panhandle is rich!