10 Things We Wish Could Be Sequestered

Photo: Marco Becerra
Photo: Marco Becerra

With all this talk about air-traffic control and furloughs and national parks and F-35s, there’s a bunch of stuff around here that we’d like to sequester instead:

-That pedestrian crossing sign at the Pearl Street/Ross Avenue intersection that flashes “72, 71, 70…” then an immediate orange hand when you’re a quarter of the way across the street. SEQUESTERED.

– The 35 mile-per-hour speed trap limit on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. SEQUESTERED.

– Mixologists. Do you have liquor? A glass? Insert A into B. I will pay you for it. SEQUESTERED.

Calling science “The Boogeyman.” SEQUESTERED.

– SMU frats, because man! those have been a real fun time lately haven’t they? SEQUESTERED.

– Secession.  SEQUESTERED. (Which sounds like some kind of Rush cover band, or maybe a Georgetown a-cappella group.)

– The words foodie, artisan, and hipster. None of those mean anything. SEQUESTERED.

– Saying things are always bigger in Texas. SEQUESTERED.

Ice skating rinks in parks that are doing awesome on their own. SEQUESTERED.

The eye of Sauron. SEQUESTERED.

Feel free to add your own.


  • 1Zima2Many

    Man – Amen to sequestration of mixologists. I’m a simple, beer and wine guy, and I’m tired of having to wait 5 minutes to order my Shiner while some dude with an ironic mustache muddles, squeezes and shakes some $20 cocktail for the 25-year-old beverage connoisseur standing next to me at the bar.

  • Sarah

    Loud, frequent public support of DISD, but quietly transferring them to private school or not enrolling them at all. SEQUESTERED

  • AmyS

    Politicians spouting mathmatical improbabilities as fact – SEQUESTERED.

  • Andrew Pantazi

    Good thing Museum Tower has no damaging glare. Gosh, that sure would stink if it did.

  • Andrew Plock

    YES to the EYE of SAURON!

  • SybilsBeaver

    LOL, the pedestrian light. I know that one well. In that intersection we have the one you said, another that doesnt time at all and one that starts at 16.

  • Dallas Walker

    And a “Man – Amen” to the pedestrian crossing sign at Pearl & Ross, too.