Today is FrontBurner’s 10th Anniversary

One day back in 2003, Wick informed me that D Magazine would launch something called a weblog. After he described what exactly a weblog was, I said, “Hang on. In addition to making the magazine every month, you expect us to write additional content for the web — on a daily basis?” I told him he was insane. There was no way we could handle the extra work. And how would we fact check and copy edit all these articles? Words to that effect. Wick explained that we wouldn’t be writing articles; we’d be writing crap. It wouldn’t need to be punctuated or reported or accurate or even well-considered. I’m kidding! He didn’t say that. He described what a “post” was and told me to call an editor at The National Review and ask him about their experience running a blog. That was Wick’s inspiration. Their blog is called The Corner.

I forget who it was at TNR that I spoke with, but here’s what he told me: no, no, no, you don’t get it. The blog won’t feel like a burden. Exactly the opposite. You’ll find yourself playing around on the blog when you ought to be producing the magazine. It’s the greatest way to procrastinate ever invented. He was, of course, correct. As I type these words, I am putting off editing our bar column and making phone calls for something I’m supposed to write for our May issue.

So that’s how it all started 10 years ago. At some point, we switched servers and lost a bunch of early posts, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can still find them. Here’s what FrontBurner looked like when it launched on March 20, 2003. You’ll notice from reading those first few posts that the war had just begun (who knew it would cost $6 trillion?), Adam McGill predicted Twitter, I was still using a Palm Pilot, Rod Dreher had just announced he was coming to work for the Dallas Morning News, and Wick hadn’t yet lost interest in the blog.

Oh, what a time it was. Here’s hoping someone is still here in 2023, posting away when he ought to be editing a manuscript. Cheers.


  • NancyKeene

    Congratulations, FrontBurner!

  • Anne Fritsche

    And what a decade we’ve had!!
    Remember flash mobs? Thank you, all, both present and past: Wick, Tim, Adam, Glen, Nancy, Christina R-J, and Allison H., and later Teresa. I’ve appreciated all of you long time and intensely. Cheers!

  • Avid Reader

    Congrats on the Anniversary.

  • Brett Moore

    And how would we fact check and copy edit all these articles?

    How indeed?

    Just kidding. Happy Anniversary FBNation.

  • billholston

    Congrats. I’ve enjoyed reading this for along time. Solid.
    Enjoyed the blogger party at the Granada. Telegraph Canyon, got to meet Daniel, Harvey Lacy, and sport my Zac Crain for Mayor shirt. Good times.

  • OneArtDirector

    I raise my glass of cactus juice to the 10th anniversary of FrontBurner!

  • Harvey Lacey

    ahhh, yes, the blogger party, that was fun different.

    For the unknowing, my first in person meet up with the infamous, justly so, Bill Holston was at a shindig arranged by the also infamous, even more justly so, Rawlins Gilliland at Rawlins alma mater, Bonham Elemtary. I was sitting there with my wife when this rube came in wearing shorts, sandals, and short sleeved shirt. I pointed him out to my wife and said that was the way I would have dressed if I had any say in the matter. It was Bill. We are living proof that internet relationships are just as important and real as the touchy feely kind.

    It was on Frontburner that I found out and got involved with Ronald Omyonga of Hunt Institute which led to Ubuntublox which has made my life a lot more fun and important.

    Tim can talk about the good old days because back when only the select few could be trusted enough to post here. I don’t know how many nails I converted into screws wanting to comment and not being allowed to do so for so many years of Tim’s back in the day.

    It’s been a great run and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.

    • billholston

      You are one of my heroes Harvey. You’re gonna change the world…you already are.

  • Eric Celeste

    Sweet Jesus Motherfucking Goddamned Christ Bitch Whores, do you steal everything I send your way?

  • Avid Fan

    Good job to all! I peruse FrontBurner vs. DMN vs. DallasObserver, etc to find out stuff. And, I must say – D Magazine does not seem to have suffered.

  • Daniel

    Apropos of Bill’s comment, I think another blogger’s ball at the Granada is in order. In other words, in lieu of our sending you gifts of gratitude for providing a decade of entertainment, you spend a lot of money on us. C’mon, Wick can afford it, he’s loaded. Maybe even Marty Cortland can underwrite free samples of that King Louie Cognac XXII stuff. It’s just that a feller can get s’gosh damned thirsty, don’t you know.

  • Daniel

    P.S. We must have Texas Earl Campbell’s Hot Links to go with the Louie stuff. Hopefully, the combo won’t give me a bad case of the two-step!*

    * The two-step is a country-western dance.