Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Mar. 13


Today, March 13, is quite possibly the happiest day of my life, because Rob Thomas (not Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas) and Kristen Bell have put together the official Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie. The goal is the biggest in Kickstarter film history—$2 million. But if they hit it, Warner Bros. will make it. And then the day this movie comes out will replace this one as the happiest day of my life. Also, this is sorta kinda local news, since Thomas is based in Austin.

So, I guess if you’re a parent taking some time off to enjoy a day with your kids, don’t go to the Perot Museum. Try the Dallas Arboretum, instead, where Dallas Blooms is in full swing. It’s a beautiful (and happy) day, and it’s also buy one-get one free admission.

You can’t go see The Zombies tonight at the Kessler, as would be my own personal inclination, as the show is sold out. Josh Ritter at the Granada, too, is sold out.  Jeez. If you need a big musical deal this evening, Muse is at the American Airlines Center, and there are a few seats left in the nosebleeds. I’m generally okay with Muse. I even like some of their songs and find them catchy. I just cannot get over the fact that Stephanie Meyer found their music inspiration (instrumental to, one might even say) for writing the absolute scourge of our time. So you guys enjoy (Dead Sara is the supporting act), and maybe especially enjoy fried chicken and mashed potatoes at nearby Stampede 66 for dinner. If it were me, though, I might just get a late dinner at Sundown at the Granada and hang around until the free live music starts around 11 pm. Don’t get the kobe beef chili sweet potato fries, because they might just make you sad. Do get the Hammered Goat flatbread and a beer.

Meanwhile, if a movie at the Angelika is already on your agenda (Oz the Great and Powerful, perhaps?), it wouldn’t be a bad time to check out the still newish Mockingbird Taproom, something I’ve yet to do. They’ve got all sorts of pre-St. Patrick’s day food and drink specials running all day, like $5 corned beef sliders and Irish car bombs. Just slide in at the bar. Our Bradford Pearson says the beer selection was surprisingly good.

For more to do tonight, besides obsessively refreshing the Veronica Mars Kickstarter page, go here.