The NRA 500 Is Coming to the Texas Motor Speedway This April

Source: Texas Motor Speedway
Source: Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway officials announced today that the Texas 500 will be renamed the NRA 500, further engraining every stereotype non-NASCAR fans have about NASCAR fans. It is the second time the National Rifle Association has sponsored a NASCAR race, following September’s American Warriors 300 in Atlanta. The announcement came during the track’s annual media day.

“The NRA has been involved in the sport for several years and a partner of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. for many years in various aspects, and this race entitlement is just another extension of that business relationship,” track president Eddie Gossage said in a statement. “We look forward to another successful partnership with the NRA for our April race week of activities.”

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre echoed Gossage’s remarks in a video: “The NRA 500 is the latest announcement in the long history of a growing partnership between the NRA, Speedway Motorsports and the NASCAR community. NRA members and NASCAR fans love their country and everything that is good and right about America. We salute our flag … volunteer in our churches and communities … cherish our families … and WE LOVE RACING!”

So much America in just one paragraph. I wonder if this is what Gossage was talking about back in January when he vowed to make the speedway more fan-friendly. Less smoking, more guns!

Race is April 13.


  • CSP

    Bradford, since you believe that this sponsorship agreement will serve to reenforce stereotypes (certainly not the first thing which immediately came to mind for me when I heard about this), do you mind sharing with the readership which specific stereotypes about NASCAR fans and NRA members came to your mind and to which you were presumably referring when you learned about this sponsorship deal?

    I think this might be rather illuminating.

    • Brett Moore

      Caution. Bear trap ahead.

  • BradfordPearson

    The one that popped into my mind is that all NASCAR fans are gun-toting hillbillies. Clearly that’s not true, but I think if you asked folks to describe an average NASCAR fan, the word “gun” would appear fairly regularly. Again, I know that’s not true. That’s why it’s a stereotype, and not reality.

  • gimmethewooby

    This NASCAR fan defies the stereotype but enjoys the people watching at races.

  • Bill Marvel

    A modest proposal, but I think it could work: Show your NRA membership card at the gate and bring your gun, assault rifle, whatever. During the race fire away at the cars. Winner receives brand new Dodge Ram.