Some Idiot Tried to Smash a Camera at Deep Ellum Urban Gardens a Few Weeks Back. Know Him?

Kicking around on Facebook this weekend was a security video from Deep Ellum Urban Gardens, showing a few young gentlemen trying to shatter a security camera at the community garden. Know this fool?

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.06.08 AM

Contact Kelly Cromwell Clemons at [email protected] And watch the video, because there are a couple other clowns who make an appearance as well.


  • Grumpy

    Manly boys, sharing a single beer and vandalizing a garden! Well done.

  • t_s_

    Trying to reenact the opening credits from The Wire. At least Bodie did it from a distance.

  • yourmomlikestacos

    they look to have a beef with the gardens? any reason that young skateboarder types would not like this garden?

    • Rollerbladerz4Ever

      Really? Skateboarder types? What is this 1987? Looks to me like they just needed to pee and happened to do it behind the gardens and ended up spotting the camera and trying to destroy the evidence.

  • happy2bme

    if they will just claim to being part of OWS a jury of their peers will party with them after the acquittal

    • Rollerbladerz4Ever

      Is Drudge linking here or something? Where do you idiots come from?