Simmons Reflected in First Baptist Fountain, Foyer

It’s fitting that the life of Dallas businessman Glenn Simmons, who died March 6 , was celebrated today in the sanctuary of First Baptist Dallas. Church pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress and others noted that Simmons, 85, was a committed church member and a leading figure in the $130 million First Baptist building project, which debuts officially on Easter Sunday. The biggest church construction program in history will include a new 3,000-seat worship center and a towering outdoor water fountain, among other things.

Today’s celebrants—a who’s who of prominent Dallasites including Gene and Jerry Jones—learned that Simmons, the brother of local billionaire Harold Simmons, was a particular fan of the water fountains at the Bellagio hotel-casino in Las Vegas. So, as a member of the First Baptist planning and development committee, Simmons urged a tall fountain be built at the church on St. Paul Street as well. Jeffress also disclosed, for the first time, that a prominent foyer in the revamped church would be named for Simmons and his widow, Dee.


  • t b

    How nice Glenn. 🙂

  • Tim Rogers

    “Biggest church construction program in history”? I believe this is a misconception that First Baptist has done its best to promulgate.

    Notre Dame — just to pick the first refutation that springs to mind — took about 100 years to build. I’m sure that by whichever means you use to measure it, ND was a larger church construction program.

    In any case, it will be interesting to see what Mark Lamster has to say about First Baptist when he gets to town.

  • Wick Allison


    Santa Sophia

    St. Peter’s Basilica

  • Bruce

    Or La Sagrada Familia in Spain. It is still not completed.

  • Yvonne Crum

    So very lovely.. May he rest in peace… !

  • Steve Kemble

    It was such a beautiful and amazing tribute to Glenn Simmons today!! Both Glenn and Dee have done so much for Dallas!!!

  • Steve Kemble

    Today was such a wonderful and beautiful tribute to Glenn!!! Not a dry eye in the house!

  • Tom Traubert

    You might add Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which has been under construction for decades. Interestingly, the Southern Baptists have yet to produce a notable work of sacred architecture (OK, other than notably awful). I know the Catholics and Jews had a pretty big head start, but in Dallas there are excellent buildings housing Christian Scientists and Unitarians, to name two more recent religions.

  • Glenn

    Yup. I know I can’t wait for a guy from New York to come here and tell Dallas whether its stuff is any good or not.

  • Tim Rogers

    Stop trolling, Glenn. It’s not polite.

  • Kris Kemper

    I think it is a Wonderful and fitting way to Honor Mr.Glenn and Mrs.Dee Simmons in such a Beautiful way.Today we celebrate his Life and Love. We were Blessed to have him 85 years. He was Loved and will be Greatly missed.My prayers go out to his family especially today.

  • Kris Kemper

    I think it is Wonderful to Honor Mr.Glenn and Mrs.Dee Simmons in such a Beautiful way. Today we Celebrate his Life And Love. We were blessed to have him 85 years, He was Loved and will be Greatly missed. My prayers go out to the family,especially today.

  • Kris Kemper

    I wish Mr.Glenn Simmons could have been with us at church today in person with his lovely wife & daughter ,but his spirit and his vision was present today for the opening of the new church buildings and the fountain on St.Paul St., his hard work and vision for the church is going to bring more people know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, even after his sad passing earlier this month. it’s like he is still with us,thru his hard work and vision .He is still touching lives,He Loved Jesus so much. Thank You Mr.Simmons, You will not be forgotten.

  • Kris Kemper

    I wish Mr.Glenn Simmons could have been with us at church today on Easter sunday service ,sitting with his Lovely wife & daughter. to see his hardwork and vision at work touching lives, I know he would have been so proud to see his vision and hardwork has made a difference. Sadly he passed earlier this month, it is like he was with us today, smiling ,saying job well done. His hardwork and vision for this church and the water fountain will be touching peoples lives for many many decades to come,His hardwork will be bringing more people to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Thank You Mr.Simmons ,you will live on in our hearts and in this church,you will Not be forgotten. You will be with us at every sunday service in our Hearts and on our minds.