Remind Me Again: Why Are We Putting an Ice Rink in Klyde Warren Park?

Where the ice rink would go, drowning all those poor visitors.
Where the ice rink would go, drowning all those poor visitors.

At 1:30 p.m., on an admittedly Spring Break-skewed day:

– lines of 20+ customers at every food truck
– children literally hanging from trees
– not a single table available
– trolleys full of vistors

But by all means let’s abandon this natural, organic explosion of community and replace it with a skating rink that will take up much of the space.


  • Lew Patton

    Wow, who’s idea was that? We Texans try to stay away from ice. Had to have been a yankee’s idea. (I keed, I keed)

  • Daniel

    Every time I plant a seed, he say, “Kill them before they grow.”

  • Big D

    To be fair, the park is not this busy in the winter.

    • AJZ

      It IS winter.

  • Bob Lobalw

    Why do I think that if there was an ice rink there, and they were talking about taking it out and putting in a bunch of tables and chairs, you would be equally outraged?

    • Meh

      No kidding. It seemed like every blog post and commenter in the couple year leading up to the park were extremely pessimistic; always bitching about how it was such a terrible idea and no one would go. This town is full of brats.

  • CSP

    Bradford, has there been a specific proposal released which shows how large the rink would be and whether it would be a permanent or seasonal installation? I’ve seen outdoor rinks before which are both no larger than a basketball court (if that) and merely seasonal in their installation, removed after winter ends. I would hope this is a similar proposal.

    • BradfordPearson

      CSP- 50 feet by 100 feet, from November through February, March.

  • Mike Truscott

    Has anybody experience the fake ice for the rink? That thing sucks. They had a small rink at the Christmas extravaganza at the ATT perfart. It is only slightly better than putting on ice skates and skating across the sod at KWP. It held my 6 yo daughter’s attention for about 8 seconds.

  • critic

    The skaters did not go to Plaza of the Americas skating rink when open, so now they can drive up to the Galleria for ice. The next weird idea will be ice fishing tournaments in Dallas Klyde Park.

  • mwm

    In the summer months they can use the ice rink space for a fenced in private area for Tim.

    • Marcus

      High Five!

    • Tim Rogers

      I like where your head is at.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    The ice rink may or may not be a good idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the consequences associated with the park reconfiguration were ever given serious study or consideration.

  • Tim Rogers

    I think you mean 2,000.

  • David Hopkins

    My opinion? Let the park breathe. I think it’s over programmed as it is. No need to cram everything in there.

  • L Nanne

    Don’t worry. Norm Green will build it, then make grand promises, but underfund it because Rolls Royces cost a lot of money, baby. And then he’ll move it under pressure from his wife.

  • mikepickens


  • Kk.

    It’s was 18,000 from 7am-9pm according to park officials.
    on a Saturday about 6-8 weeks ago. That’s 1000’s not 100’s.

  • Eric

    Because some really really rich person wants it.

    • Glenn

      How and why do you think the park was created in the first place?