On Tonight’s Dallas, Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, and Mayor Mike Rawlings Say Goodbye to J.R. Ewing

We mentioned earlier that tonight’s star-studded episode of Dallas on TNT is a farewell to Larry Hagman and his iconic character of J.R. Ewing.

Cast member Linda Gray was on D: The Broadcast this morning to talk about the episode, and during the interview they played a sneak peek featuring Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and a clearly starstruck Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Watch the clip above.


  • Vman

    Better get a new screen grab if you ever want Linda Gray to speak to you again.

  • Tim Rogers

    I agree that the freeze frame is unfortunate, but isn’t that a YouTube thing over which we have no control?

  • Wise

    Can’t stand the arrogant Mark Cuban. He worms his way into everything on TV and thinks he’s a star. “Dancing With the Stars? How about “Dancing With the Guy Who Paid to Be on the Show?

  • Drew

    A 345-second clip and YouTube just randomly happened to choose that particular moment as the screen grab. Those are some crazy, unfortunate odds.