March 11 Is Now Larry Hagman Day

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I’ll let the folks at the “Remembering J.R.” Facebook page take over:

March 11 is officially declared as “Larry Hagman Day.” The Mayor of Dallas will declare it and issue a Proclamation declaring it official. The Dallas episode airing that evening is called “J.R.’s Masterpeice” and will be the funeral of J.R. Ewing. It is a very special show where you the fans get to say “goodbye to J.R. and to Larry Hagman”. You will get to go to the “funeral and the wake” and mourn and grieve this incredible man, but most importantly to say your own personal goodbye. Watching this episode is your opportunity to not only remember him, but also to thank Larry for sharing not only his talents with all of us, but his incredible outlook on life. So on March 11 go ahead, get out your Stetson hats and cowboy boots, wear them all day long, and remember, if Larry were here today, his parting words to all of us would be “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Feel Good.”

In honor of that, fan Scott Carlson wrote the above poem. You may remember Carlson from “A Year With Perot!,” a poem in honor of the Perot Museum opening.