Let’s Just Go Ahead and Rebrand All Dallas Neighborhoods With New York Names

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Since we’ve already gotten ourselves an Uptown, and a West Village, and since it looks like the area around the Galleria and Valley View Center will transform into Midtown, let’s quit tip-toeing around this thing. All Dallas neighborhoods will be better off rebranded with somewhat arbitrarily applied New York City names.


  • Stacy L.

    No DoWiSeTrePla? Glaring omission.

    • Justin B.

      That would be legen…wait for it

  • BuffaloPrinter

    Two Sunnysides? Or is that part of a joke I don’t get?

  • Native NYer

    Most of these make no sense at all – University Park as harlem? Part of HP and West HP as Roosevelt Island? Lake Highlands as Riverdale? South of Oak Cliff as the Upper East Side?

    • Jason Heid

      It makes about as much sense as Midtown Dallas sitting 10 miles north of both downtown and Uptown.

    • Bob Dobbins

      He said randomly applied names…I guess he meant it. Switch Billyburg and Astoria for starters.

  • critic

    Sounds better than peoples names. Like C. Chavez or M.L. King

  • JtB

    Eew! Why would anyone want Dallas to be associated like this with New York?
    It might, however, be slightly more interesting the other way around.

  • Bobtex

    I want DUMBO.

  • Aaron Johnson-Horton

    I saw my neighborhood’s area referred to in writing as “Midtown” the other day on some store’s marketing materials. I live in the University Terrace/Ridgewood Park area (east of Abrams, south of Lovers Ln). And I thought exactly the same thing… what are we the Big Apple Bite now?

  • Aaron Johnson-Horton

    I saw my neighborhood referred to as “Midtown” the other day in writing, but I live further in, east of Abrams and south of Lovers Lane….. I think the reference was printed on one of the Shops at Park Lane store’s marketing materials. I thought the same thing, huh? Midtown?

  • Memories

    Whatever happened to the days when Tim and Adam and the guys and girls were funny on Frontburner?…At one time Tim, you used to post the “hit numbers”…I’m guessin’ they are embarrassingly low……oh well