Leading Off (3/6/13)

Dallas’ Favorite Realtor Celebrates 102. Ebby Halliday will turn 102 on Saturday, so she had a celebration yesterday at Southfork. Here are just a couple reasons to love Ebby: 1. She celebrated her 102 birthday at Southfork; 2. She bought boots for the occasion; 3. She has a penchant for IN-N-Out; 4. She’s been selling houses (and doing a pretty good job of it) for longer than you’ve been alive.

Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Still Using VHS Tapes. I know. I was shocked by that headline, too. Because of a uptick in property values, the 130 squad cars in the sheriff’s department will finally have upgraded technology that will not require someone to watch the tapes while they’re being transferred to DVDs.

Dallas County Animal Cruelty Special Prosecutor Unit Official. Yesterday, Safer Dallas gave a $200,000 gift to Dallas County to get the animal cruelty special prosecutor unit up and running. So now animal cruelty cases will be given the time and investigation they deserve. The gift is enough to fund one prosecutor and one investigator and lasts for a year. But there are plans to keep the program operating.

DA Gives Dentist “Sweetheart Deal.” It appears that Dallas dentist Richard Malouf’s wife, Leanne, gave DA Craig Watkins a $10,000 check while Malouf was being investigated for medicaid fraud. Watkins returned the check a few months later. The Malouf case was then settled for $46,000 by Watkins’ office. The Texas Attorney General’s Office is not impressed.