Leading Off (3/27/13)

Red Oak Teens Post Videos of Fights. And in the videos, you can see adults egging them on. Police aren’t certain if these are just fights or part of a fight club. Today, they’re going to confront some of the teens they’ve identified with the help of the school district. To them I say: good luck, because  we all know that the first rule of a fight club is you do not talk about fight club.

Police Chase Ends With Driver Shooting Himself. Police attempted to serve an arrest warrant to a child sex assault suspect on Tuesday evening. The 26-year-old man shot at police before jumping in his truck, which had a trailer hooked to it. Even with the trailer, the man was able to lead the police on a two-hour-long chase, which ended only after the man shot himself. 

House Bill Could Lower Number of Tests, Change Ratings for Schools. The house approved a 145-2 vote on a new bill that would reduce the number of tests students have to take to graduate from high school. They currently have to pass 15 tests. If this bill passes, that number would be five. Other changes would include expanding course options; creating a “foundation” diploma which would offer endorsement’s for graduation; and evaluating schools with grades rather than titles such as exemplary.