Leading Off (3/26/13)

Cops and Firefighters Endorse Dallas City Council Candidates. The Dallas Police Association and Dallas Fire Fighters Association both told us who they’d like to see at the horseshoe next year. For voters who need help making up their minds, this is helpful. In District 1, for example, Scott Griggs is running against Delia Jasso. The cops and firefighters have endorsed both candidates. Um, so, um.

Plano Woman Gets Eight Years for Stabbing Ex in Back. If you thought the comments to this DMN story would quickly go to jokes about Mayor Mike Rawlings’ rally against domestic violence, then you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of Plano … The city might change its logo “P,” even though leaders decided to stay with the slogan “City of Excellence” and ditch the proposed “People Connect Here” (both of which aren’t even worth the effort it takes to barf). Which reminds me. Tomorrow, the Dallas CVB will throw a party in Victory Plaza (or AT&T Plaza or whatever) to launch a new slogan for the city. No longer is it “Live large. Think big.” Too confusing. Are we to live or think? Which is it? The new marketing lingo: “Big things happen here.” Totally different. It’s enough to make a man want to live in Fort Worth, “Where the West begins.” Pow! That’s a slogan.

Will Irving City Manager Get $500k Buyout? Maybe so. But last night, an Irving councilmember walked out of a heated meeting about the severance for George P. Bush lookalike Tommy Gonzalez. Dennis Webb told Channel 8, “I’m not discussing it. I told you a minute ago, okay? I’m not discussing it.” So to recap: he’s not discussing it.


  • Shelly

    They had a heating meeting? Was it heated?

  • AmyS

    I like the title of the book I’m reading: The Lusty Texans of Dallas.