Leading Off (3/21/13)

Couple Found Dead On Day Divorce Is Finalized. Police say it looks like a murder-suicide. The man, a former police officer with Cedar Hill ISD, had previously been issued a ticket during a domestic dispute, and had also had a temporary restraining order against him a month later.

Prenup In Sanders Divorce Will Stand. Attorneys for Pilar Sanders had claimed portions of it were forged, but an arbitrator ruled both her she [even editors need editing– Ed.] and soon-to-be-former husband Deion signed it. A jury has already ruled that Deion will not have to pay child support, so all that’s left now is for the divorce, which has already taken the better part of a year, to be finalized. I’m sure that won’t take long.

Grapevine Police Arrest Colleyville Heritage HS Teacher For Improper Student Relationship. That’s a second-degree felony. Cody Dickson is also being charged with online solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony.


  • Joe

    Worth pointing out that Sanders isn’t paying child support because he is the sole conservator of the children (what most people think of as “having custody”). In other words, Pilar doesn’t get child support because she isn’t taking care of their children.