Leading Off (3/15/13)

Plano Man Makes Threats Against Pastor: It all started rather strangely. Chris Tynes — with the recently acquired knowledge that, 20 years ago, a former music minister at his church, Prestonwood Baptist, admitted to sexual contact with young boys — began posting about the situation on the church’s Facebook page. The church took the posts down, but Tynes was persistent. He began attacking the church — his church, remember — on Facebook and Twitter, then attempted to speak with Prestonwood’s pastor in person. Security escorted him away. He returned to Twitter, posting a photo of the pastor’s parking spot and writing “I’m sitting in my perfect ambush spot.” Note, dude: if you’d like to have a discussion with your pastor, threatening his life is probably not the best path. Try his Facebook page.

Mother Pulled the Trigger in Mesquite Murder-Suicide: I got nothing on this one. Just awful.

North Texans Out “Poppin Tags”: This is an actual news story, from a television station, in a major market, about people shopping at Goodwill, because they heard Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” I’d love to have been in that pitch meeting.

“Soooo, I’d like to do a story about Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop.'”

“What’s the local angle?”

“I’d go to a Goodwill.”

“Could you wear a red/zebra print robe and matching hat, like some sort of frugal-yet-stylish pimp?”

“I could.”

“You’ve got two minutes, after the first commercial break.”


  • Uppercase Matt

    What threat? Seems to me the much more reasonable interpretation of “ambush” in that context is that he’s going to personally confront someone who’s been dodging him. Just like when the (real) media ambushes a person for a story. Those scenes are generally stupid and unpleasant (Becky Oliver and Brett Shipp) and sometimes offensive and maybe even tortious (Rebecca Aguilar). I’m sure the church wanted to characterize it as life-threatening to justify banning the guy — not that they actually have to have a justification — but there’s really no support for saying he “threatened his life.”

  • Dubious Brother

    The murder-suicide in Mesquite is sad just as the one in Arlington this past week where the woman shot and killed her husband. Ironic that these happened during the week that the mayor of Dallas is on his blame all domestic violence on men campaign. If he would do some real research he would find out that domestic violence is close to 50%/50% men and women and that close to 70% of domestic violence against children is from women.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    You’re right; he looks terrified.

  • Chris Tynes

    Somebody alerted me to the wild statements made here and even I couldn’t believe it. To suggest I was threatening the life of a pastor is to be completely misinformed on the entire story about Prestonwood. My response can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/c9xolfm

  • kayteesez

    Clearly, Mr. Pearson, you didn’t bother to even do the most rudimentary fact check prior to publishing such an inflammatory comment, rife with fallacy, mythology and just plain nonsense. Not too sure you’re in the right business. (Regarding the Prestonwood situation.)

  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    Just for kicks, why don’t you try to get the real story from Prestonwood about how they handled the situation 20 years ago? I’d like to see what you think of Chris Tynes after that. I’ve obviously followed the story more closely than you have. Chris Tynes is a dedicated, active member of Prestonwood who tried his best to go through appropriate channels to get reassurance from his church that accusations that they had covered up child abuse were untrue. Not only did he not get that reassurance, he also got treated in a way that no one should ever be treated by any church that claims to serve God. Mr. Tynes made some ill-advised updates directed to friends (not the general public or the pastors at Prestonwood) that have been misconstrued as threats. The biggest threat he poses is in uncovering the past coverup and revealing that the church still responds to potential scandal by covering up at the expense of (supposedly) one of its own. I can certainly say that if I had kids I would be afraid to take them to Prestonwood. Obviously the church feels no obligation toward its members.

  • jdavid

    Note, dude: Why don’t you try being a real journalist and asking a real question such as, “What is Prestonwood afraid of?” Or maybe you could try this one, “Why can’t a church member get an appointment with his own Pastor?” Or you could even try this one, “Did the Prestonwood leadership commit a crime by failing to report an accusation of sexual abuse against a minor?”

    Put on your big boy journalist pants and do some real work instead of sitting behind a computer screen attempting to be clever.

  • Ang Ang

    Are you kidding me? Bradford Pearson, please check the facts about Prestonwood Baptist Church before you go to press. Victims in the church he went to after Prestonwood Baptist Church passed him on to them would have loved to have known the true facts about what Prestonwood Baptist Church was sending into their midst.

  • Henri

    I’d like to ask if you did any research into the Chris Tynes v. Prestonwood item. I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that the answer is a resounding no. Had you looked into this then you would know that the first contact on this question from Chris was posted to the church’s Facebook page. Oh wait, you mentioned that. Did you lose your train of thought while constructing your blurb? And how is seeking a meeting with one’s pastor making a threat on the pastor’s life? Would you find it reasonable if your pastor refused to meet with you simply because he didn’t like the question that you wanted to ask? Would you then try to speak with your pastor in person? Thats all that happened here and now it’s being couched as a threat on the pastor’s life. Wow. How about covering the reason that the pastor refused to answer his questions because that is one helluva story. All you’ve done is paint a good man seeking answers as a lunatic. By doing so, you’ve done a disservice to all of the victims of Prestonwood’s pedophile pastor.

  • Reader

    Seriously? This qualifies as journalism? Could you elaborate on those “threats,” Pearson “Dude”? No? Right. That’s what I thought. I’m sure the church is very glad idiots like you buy their b.s. hook, line and sinker. It’s how they got away with shipping off a pedophile to another church in another state to molest more children. Now you’re a part of that legacy. How awesome for you, dude!

  • Star

    Really???? Before you write something to be read by the general public, which is your job, it would be best to research what you are writing and get the facts straight! This is not a factual timeline of events, nor is it close to what had occurred. Your uninformed comments are a poor representation for D-magazine and a disservice to your readers.