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Leading Off

Leading Off (3/15/13)

By Bradford Pearson |

Plano Man Makes Threats Against Pastor: It all started rather strangely. Chris Tynes — with the recently acquired knowledge that, 20 years ago, a former music minister at his church, Prestonwood Baptist, admitted to sexual contact with young boys — began posting about the situation on the church’s Facebook page. The church took the posts down, but Tynes was persistent. He began attacking the church — his church, remember — on Facebook and Twitter, then attempted to speak with Prestonwood’s pastor in person. Security escorted him away. He returned to Twitter, posting a photo of the pastor’s parking spot and writing “I’m sitting in my perfect ambush spot.” Note, dude: if you’d like to have a discussion with your pastor, threatening his life is probably not the best path. Try his Facebook page.

Mother Pulled the Trigger in Mesquite Murder-Suicide: I got nothing on this one. Just awful.

North Texans Out “Poppin Tags”: This is an actual news story, from a television station, in a major market, about people shopping at Goodwill, because they heard Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” I’d love to have been in that pitch meeting.

“Soooo, I’d like to do a story about Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop.'”

“What’s the local angle?”

“I’d go to a Goodwill.”

“Could you wear a red/zebra print robe and matching hat, like some sort of frugal-yet-stylish pimp?”

“I could.”

“You’ve got two minutes, after the first commercial break.”