Leading Off (3/1/13)

$7,500 Reward Offered For Info on Highland Park Threats: The reward comes a day after school officials found another threatening note on campus, and two days after .22 shells were found. But: only $7,500? What’s that, like a week’s allowance for a Highland Park kid?

Garland Officer Fired After Firing 41 Shots at Suspect: Patrick Tuter was fired Thursday after Garland Police determined that he shot at a suspect 41 times while pursuing him in his police car, hitting Michael Vincent Allen three times and eventually killing him. The incident occurred in August, but somehow took six months to figure out whether shooting at a man 41 times was “excessive.”

North Texas Man Joins the War on Budweiser: Michael Seidenstein likes his Michelob Ultra the same way everyone else does: watery, with a dash of alcohol. That’s why he filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch InBev this week, citing that company’s recent admittance to watering down its Budweiser and Michelob products. He’s seeking $5 million in damages, or roughly 833,333 six-packs of Ultra, which is juuuuust enough to make you forget you were drinking Michelob Ultra.


  • mkdallas

    I know the reward isn’t all that impressive, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. My HPHS kid says there isn’t even an inkling of scuttlebutt about who’s doing these threats and that anyone who was suspected has already been interviewed and dismissed as such. It seems as though the perp is not telling any of his/her friends about their involvement, but the reward may prove to be the tipping point for someone who has reason to suspect an acquaintence. Literally, the people in charge appear to have NO info. When I called the UP police on Tuesday after the ammo was found, the officer I spoke to said, “We’re trying to get this resolved as quick as possible, but it ain’t gonna happen til someone comes forward and these kids are completely closemouthed right now.” My daughter said that the students are getting sick of the disruptions since tests have been postponed and are starting to stack up big-time…hopefully, that and the reward may push someone who has a reasonable suspicion into coming forward with some information.

  • BHH

    Anheuser-Busch InBev admitted to watering down its beer? I don’t see that anywhere in the lawsuit filed.

  • Dan Koller

    The reward money is now up to $10,000 — half from Crime Stoppers and half from Highland Park ISD and parent donors.