Lamar Odom Doesn’t Feel Guilty At All About His Time With the Mavericks

The dream. The reality was much different. Photo: D210 television, via Flickr
The dream. The reality was much different. Photo: D210 television, via Flickr

Lamar Odom returned to Dallas last night for the first time since his unremarkable, nay, crapmessy season with the Mavericks. ESPN Dallas caught up with Odom to ask him about his time in Dallas. Quick reminder: came to the team out of shape, shot 35 percent for the season, sweated heavily despite little effort, left the team before the playoffs. Let’s continue:

“Guilty? No, no, no,” Odom said when asked if he felt guilt about the way his season in Dallas unfolded. “It happens.

“I was telling one of my friends, right, that you got some people, they meet and they can be married for 40 years and after 40 years they get a divorce. They could have been high school sweethearts. Then you got people that meet one night, have a glass of wine with each other and they talk and then they’re married for 100 years.

“This is a relationship-built business. Sometimes people just see things differently.”

But those people, seemingly, still have 40 years together, right? There are some good times: the birthdays, the vacations, hopefully the sex. With Odom, it was like getting married one night, then sleeping for eight months as the dishes pile up before you finally leave without telling your spouse. I think it’s a Cameron Diaz movie.


  • Darren

    Don’t you mean his sister-in-law’s life?

  • Carol B

    What a loser!!!!

  • Michael Hassett

    It’s more like waking up, peeing on all the furniture on the way out, and then going to the bank to withdraw $8.9 million from your joint-account before never being seen again. Then coming back into town a year later, fat and desperate, trying your hardest to make her jealous while you’re in town, but you end up crapping your pants and making her realize that even though her situation has gone to hell too, she’s still better off than you.

    • BradfordPearson