Kern Wildenthal Is Dallas’ Own Bernie Tiede

Reading managing editor George Rodrigue’s defense of the Dallas Morning News’ reporting on Kern Wildenthal, I was struck by an analogy. It goes like this:

Danny Buck : Bernie Tiede :: DMN : Kern Wildenthal

For those who haven’t seen the movie Bernie (based on the fine work of Skip Hollandsworth), Danny Buck is the district attorney from Carthage, Texas, who prosecuted Bernie Tiede. Bernie murdered a wealthy widow. But no one in town liked the old lady anyway, and once she was gone, Bernie gave away a lot of her money, helping out the folks in Carthage who needed it. So they didn’t want to see Bernie go to jail.

All those people who have come out in support of Wildenthal? They don’t care whether he did it. A few thousand dollars unaccounted for? A few hundred thousand (as the News still claims)? They don’t care. Because they know what Wildenthal has done for Dallas.

Danny Buck was smart enough to get Bernie’s trial moved out of Carthage, because he knew that was the only way he could get a conviction. The News, on the other hand, is stuck right here in Dallas.


  • DDD

    Kind of strange. Sitting in my hotel room and, literally, just finished watching Bernie about thirty seconds ago. Popped over here to see the days posts. Movie was just alright for me. Jack Black gained major awesome points for me however.

  • Eric Couch

    Learn the real story of Bernie Tiede from folks who know him at

  • Eric Couch

    There’s a facebook page on Bernie that has the rest of the story by folks who know him. (II = as in 2).

  • Dr. Schphincter

    The DMN has done an good job of exposing the corruption and malfeasance at Parkland and UTSW..

  • Wylie H Dallas

    One gets the feeling that no one at D Magazine has ever done a careful read of the DMN stories relating to Dr. Wildenthal. If you had, you would understand that:

    1) no proper audit of Wildenthal’s expenses has ever been completed;

    2) he has been caught lying numerous times about all sorts of matters large and small;

    3) he appears to have orchestrated an illegal scheme to avoid income taxes;

    4) anyone at UTSW who dared to raise any questions about his behavior appears to have been fired; and

    5) reporters outside UTSW who have raised questions about his behavior have been subjected to vicious smear campaigns.

    • Kern is Great for Dallas

      Wylie, do you think UTSW could have raised all that money just standing back and waiting? you’re not too bright are you.

  • Hexter

    Boy Tim,

    Your references are becoming more and more obscure by the minute. Bernie Tiede? Really!?!

    I guess if I ever commit a crime, like robbing a charity blind, I should make sure to split some of my misbegotten gains by buying caviar, champaign, wine, exotic vacations, opera tickets, gifts, and throwing the rich and power of this town lots of extravagant parties like Cabernet Kern did.

    Why didn’t you think of that when the Hexter scandal came along?

  • QueQueWhat!

    I submit: Caviar Kern.

  • Jason Leahy

    Hey, is that Bernie Tiede the one from “Weekend at Biernie’s”? I really love that movie. As far as Kern Wildenthal goes, I think he’d be a lot more likeable if a couple of guys dragged his death corpse around too. Seriously, when did he die?

  • Wylie H Dallas

    No; I’ve never said that. Indeed, I have previously stated that Wildenthal accomplished quite a bit. What I HAVE said is that just because someone accomplishes great things, they should not be given free reign to break the law and harm the innocent, but less powerful, among us.