Kay Bailey Hutchison to Serve as SMU’s Commencement Speaker

Source: SMU
Source: SMU
Former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will speak at SMU’s commencement May 18, and will receive an honorary doctorate of engineering for her efforts.

“Senator Hutchison will have important insights to share with our graduates,” SMU President R. Gerald Turner said in a statement. “Her long and distinguished career in public service and her dedication to higher education are a testament to her commitment to providing a better life for all citizens and for our nation’s future leaders. She has helped SMU gain research funding for impactful projects in science and engineering.”

Last year the school welcomed former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for the address.


  • FIJ

    Once listened to her give the boringest high school commencement speech of all time. She made Staubach look like Deval Patrick.

  • effthis

    Please don’t remind us that you got a REAL commencement speaker last year, SMU. I worked too hard and paid too much to listen to this when I graduate. If ASU could get the President, could we not at least get someone who has done enough to have an interesting article written about her?

    Love, an extremely disappointed graduating senior.