Is Anyone Going to the Sweet Sixteen? Bueller?


Noted walker and D Magazine contributor Patrick Kennedy raised the above question on Twitter this afternoon, and it got me thinking: Is anyone going to the Sweet Sixteen? It starts Friday, out at Cowboys Stadium. The other three Sweet Sixteen sites — the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Verizon Center in Washington, and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis — are all in walkable, downtown areas, close to restaurants, shops, and hotels. At Cowboys Stadium, you can walk to the Ballpark at Arlington.

I know this whole thing is a dry-run for the Final Four, but Final Fours come with built-in, dedicated fan bases, ones that travel. Sweet Sixteens are more likely to draw walk-up ticket sales. And, as Kennedy notes, they also support the notion of, “Hey, the Sweet Sixteen starts tonight at the American Airlines Center, let’s see if there are still tickets available.” A trip to Cowboys Stadium does the opposite.


  • Matt Decuir

    This. This. This. Always this. I don’t even know why they built the stadium out there; it’s so hard to get to, from both Dallas and Ft. Worth. Even Rangers Ballpark during the week is difficult to get to.

    At least with American Airlines, you can kinda walk to downtown/Victory Park/Uptown/whatever.

  • ShaneStraw

    Maybe if there was public transit…your move, Arlington.

  • sooieeehog

    It actually starts Friday, out at Cowboys Stadium.

    • BradfordPearson

      Noted. Mixed up the regions. Gracias.

  • sooieeehog

    But yes, would much rather this was at the AAC.

  • JSSS

    After having shelled out hundreds of dollars apiece for NBA All-Star game tickets only to be subjected to the idiocy of JerryWorld, I vowed never to spend another dime on anything Cowboys or Jones-related. And despite my love for college basketball, I will not be attending the Sweet Sixteen games.
    Oh, and everything you said too!

  • Christine Perez

    I went online to buy tickets during the fourth quarter of the VCU game. The chance to see my beloved Wolverines twice in one year in Dallas?! (OK, OK, so that football meet up with Alabama didn’t turn out so well.) My mom is flying in from A2 and has already stopped off at the M Den to load up on gear. (This is a woman who will buy anything with a maize block “M” on it, including Bo Schembechler wine.) So, are there Michigan fans in Texas? Hail yes!

  • David Swinney

    After subjecting myself to basketball at the Death Star back in 2010-2011 (North Carolina-Texas and the NBA All Star Game), I pledged I would never go back there for a basketball game.

    It’s simply too big.

    Unless you’re fortunate enough to get tickets near the court, you end up watching the game on the big screen. And if I’m going to watch a game on television, I’d rather not have to pay for the privilege.

  • Karl

    Must go – to support the Gators. However, as I rode my bicycle past the AAC this morning on the way to the TRE, I thought – it sure would be nice if we could just walk to the games.

    It’s going to be a very expensive cab ride out and back, but I might want to have a couple of beers. It really sucks that I’m going to spend $150 extra for transportation because I’m responsible. Oh well, cheaper than killing someone on the way back. Of course, if the Gators beat Dunk City, I’ll have to do it all over again on Sunday. Good thing I’m a wealthy government employee.

  • SybilsBeaver

    Ill be attending, supporting the Rock Chalkers, and thank god its not at AAC or my tickets might have cost me 3 times as much seeing as they have about a 1/3 of the seats available. Im betting 70% of the crowd out there will KU, tons of Alumni live in DFW.

    • gimmethewooby

      We will be there too. Rock Chalk!

  • fostokes

    I did notice that tickets were available through one of the Groupon-type sites yesterday, which I didn’t consider exactly promising for the event.

  • Karl

    I’m glad all you uppity snobs from Dallas are staying home…..more room for us “commoners”!