Hive Mind, Activate! Need Fact Check on Sports-Related Question

In a meeting earlier today, our own Nancy Nichols said something that I found amazing. Because I am a journalist (aka a trained skeptic), I will not believe what she told me until it has been fact checked. Because I am lazy, I am turning to you, the FrontBurner Nation, to fact check it for me.

Here’s what Nancy told me: in 1978, at the age of 26, she was the general manager of the Dallas Diamonds, a team in the Women’s Basketball League. She claims this made her the youngest female GM in professional sports. (Jeanie Buss came along a few years later and apparently undercut Nancy’s claim.)

My question to you: true or false?


  • heels
  • Judson Phillips

    True. I might also add that she was damn good at her job under some most trying circumstances.

    Judson Phillips

    • Tim Rogers

      For those who don’t know, Judson was the first owner of the Diamonds.

      Thank you for your comment, sir.

  • Anne

    Timmy: If Nancy says it’s true, then it is.

    • Tim Rogers

      Case closed, then.

  • W. Winchell

    Whoa, stop the presses. You’re a journalist?

  • Avid Reader

    The Dallas Diamonds linked page and the program from a game in the ’79-’80 season that can be accessed on that page list Nancy Nichols as Public Relations.

  • Hef

    Wait, didn’t Nancy blow Harvey Martin?

    How can we trust Nancy given her strong affinities for Dallas sports teams?

  • eric n

    As I recall, Nancy started as the PR Director but had a meteoric rise to the GM position….based in part on her talking me into taking the radio broadcasting position.
    Eric N

    • Nancy Nichols

      Hah! Hi Eric Nadel. Eric was our broadcaster!! And yes that is correct. I started out as PR but within months I was GM. And I cooked the food for the press room. All of this while Kim Ng was 8 years old. And Tim, you forgot to mention I drafted Nancy Lieberman.

  • M Darling

    I grew up a die-hard New York Rangers fan. Back when I was a wee D Mag intern, I remember Nancy telling me that she knew former Rangers head coach Roger Neilson. When I raised a skeptical eyebrow, she produced a necklace on the spot. Roger Neilson’s Stanley Cup ring dangled on the end of the chain. On that day, I learned my first and most important lesson of working at D Magazine: Never doubt Nancy.

  • Ol’ newshound

    Nancy Nichols also was the first woman kicker in the Canadian Football League…. that’s what I heard, anyway. Was up there on a bird-watching expedition….needed money to extend her trip and score a glimpse of the Canadian Maple Mallard. Part of that may be slightly off.

  • Nancy Lieberman

    Yes, Nancy Nichols was the first and youngest woman to be a GM in women’s sports. In fact she changed the course of women’s basketball history when she drafted me for the Dallas Diamonds in 1980 with the 1st pick in the draft… That was her 2nd yr as GM.